Access fertility ?

Hi everyone ,

I'm new to all this, my husband & I have had all the tests etc and are now ready to start our first round of icis ( hopefully Jan/Feb)

My husband has two older children so we have to pay for private treatment

Has anyone used access fertility ? Which programme have people used ?

Its really hard to know what's best, pay as we go or do one of the programmes they offer ?

I am 36yrs old & have metabolic syndrome ( pcos, diabetes & high cholesterol )

My husband has had a surgical retrieval & we have 12 straws frozen

Any advice would be great

Thank you brave ladies xxx

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  • Hi, Katrina!

    You've got so many obstacles. I'm surprised really they offer you ICSI procedure for that.. Well, no matter may it work whatever the procedure it is. As for the programmes I have no idea as we applied for the treatment in biotexcom, Ukraine. So the point differs here. In our case no male fertility issues, only my fallopian tubes blockage and low egg quality. We took DE IVF in the center. Thanks to it now we are happy parents)

    My dear, this is a long way one must go through to achieve success. It's always stressful for normal people considering children as the most important part of the life.

    I'm very happy that you've both done those first steps for that happiness.

    I do believe you'll expand your family soon.

    Hasn't the exact date chosen yet? And are you preparing your organism somehow for the procedure? Do you take any supplements to boost the chances?

    Wish you all luck in the world xxx

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