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Fertility medications and hair loss?


I have been going through fertility treatments for the last year. And a half-intensely for the past 6 months. I have been on many injectable and non injectable medications including follistim, Novidril, Lupron, and numerous progesterone supplements.

I have been having hair loss for the past 6 months which is getting worse and worse. I have about 40% of the hair I had before. My scalp is itchy and sore and it is driving me crazy. I have been to numerous doctors and no one can give me an answer.

I have had my thyroid and testosterone levels checked and both were normal. My reproductive endocrinologist tells me it is not from the medication. He says I should continue with the fertility treatments because getting pregnant will stop the hair loss. I am terrified if I continue with the treatments that I will go bald.

I am anxious and stressed. Has anyone else experienced this or know anyone who has experienced hair loss with any of these medications? My gut tells me it is due to a fluctuation in hormones but the doctors are telling me I am wrong. I am terrified that I will go bald and this itching is driving me crazy.

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