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Dear Fertility Road.

My wife and I have just come to the end of 3 unsuccessful cycles of IVF with the Hommerton Fertility in London and have just been recommended something called "Egg Banking", by our consultant. He has recommended us use his private practice but when I check on the HFEA website it doesn't come up. The cost is going to be about £13K for two rounds of stimulation and then the thawing and fertilisation, also there will be some PGD screening. After 4 years at the Hommerton (which were really great) we are now in the world of private IVF clinics and I have no idea what to do and how to go about making the best decisions for us. Trying to get clear information from private clinics is very difficult and we are quite scared that I am about to spend basically our life savings at the word of a consultant. If there is anyone out there that has any words of advice we would be very very grateful. Thanks, James

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  • Hi James,

    Sorry there has been no reply to this.

    Without seeing any private medical records it would be difficult to advise you on what to do next. Our magazine is here to give you the information that will hopefully allow you to make the right choice for you and your wife.

    I would say that you need to get a second opinion before you decide on anything. We have good have relationships with a lot of the fertility clinics not only in the UK but in Europe and the US who would happily discuss this with you.

    I would be more happy to recommend one to you where you could have discussions about your future.

    If I can help further please let me know.

    Thanks, Tone

  • there are some online sources that give you insight in private fertility clinics abroad: international boards over fertilityfriends co uk with comments and reviews, fertilityclinicsabroad com with ivf calculator, and eggdonationfriends com with lots of stats as prices, success rates, treatment time, etc. I would encourage you to do as much research as possible in your decision making. Good luck

  • Hello, James! We were struggling for a long time too. All our waiting ended in biotexcom fertility center where we passed DE IVF. These are the experienced facts and it's up to you whether to make some concerns about it or not. But still wanna share this information in case it might help you to make your mind or at least see there is a huge choice really among abroad options.

    So there were lots of pros which were attractive for us enough to choose it. It happened more than a year ago, so maybe some things have changed but basically I think not. Anyway you can look them up just for interest. Here are the egg donation programs they offered.

    1 attempt - ECONOMY - 4900 euro in 1 installment after you sign the contract. In case selective reduction is needed we will be charged 1000 euro additionally.

    2 attempts - DOUBLE - 6900 euro in 2 equal installments. Selective reduction is covered by the package price.

    5 attempts - GUARANTEED SUCCESS - 9900 euro in 2 equal installments. In case of 5 negatives they refund the money paid. Selective reduction is covered by the package price as well.

    We booked the last one and really saved our money. Also the set of things each package covers was attractive. Feel free to ask if it's useful.

    Wish all luck in the world to both of you whatever your path will be.

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