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IVF or egg donation treatment abroad

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If you are considering IVF or egg donation treatment abroad, which can be a lot cheaper than the UK, there is a really useful website which may be able to help - internationalfertilitycompa.... They can recommend clinics and answer any questions you may have as well as alert you to any patient consultation events in the UK, etc.

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Thank you for your efforts to share this useful information. Am joining to add. Even if you've already planned to go down egg donation with IVF route this might draw your attention~this is all about the new treatment method our clinic has recently started to offer to its patients. It's called ''mitochondria replacement therapy''. Have you heard a thing about it?? Anyway, I've read the article on their web site and truly cannot sleep well these days. It says, the method is beneficial for women in forties with low amh levels. I'm not a scientist, but from what I've understood, this mitochondria is sth like a power bank for eggs. It supplies them with energy needed for fertilization and further development. If this mitochondria are not healthy or are inacctive etc. the egg cannot function in its proper way. So they've found the solution. They can take these healthy mitochondria out from the donor's egg and transfer them to your own eggs. This is aimed to ''rejuvenate'' them and get the best prepared for the coming IVF shot. The most important thing though is that mitochondria DNA has nothing in common with human DNA. These are different things. Mitochondria DNA don't effect the future baby at all. And you get genetically related to you kid. You can turn to biotexcom.com/a-unique-meth... for more details.

Thanks for sharing the link. I guess it'll be real relevant to people like me considering IVF but yet unable to accumulate the funds for it. Also, I'd like to add one more thing that I figured out during my online digging on IVF. You really do not need a egg donation, as long as you have viable eggs that can be extracted after putting you stims there is mitochondrial donation to revitalise the eggs. As far as I understood from reading the details on the blog from Biotexcom... the copatible donor's mitochondria is inserted into the eggs of IP mom using something similar to Intra-Cytoplasmic Injection. It improved the egg quality and viability to fertilisation without affecting the biological linking of the embie to the IP. Considering the indecisiveness we all go through when DE is involved this is a very good alternative indeed. I guess when the clinic is featuring this information.... they must be doing exemplerary in implementing this new technology as well. I'm waiting for biotex's next free consultation in London to get more insight into it.

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Woa this one is new info to me. I guess you're right this will sort a lot of dilemma people have about donor conception. I mean ofcourse I'm not against it and I know it's not that all donor babies or surro babies grow up in recentment... but it's just a scenario we all get dreaded by. Also, I guess it's optimistic clinical innovation if there's a more competent way now to revitalize the egg quality than just CoQ10 or DHEA which are again not very effective treatment module.

That's nice to see more ladies are getting interested in this very option. Mitochondria are cell organelles that convert nutrients into energy. And this energy is needed to drive many processes in organism. A mitochondrion provides energy needed to ensure effective functioning of organs. There is often a decline in mitochondria function in oocytes of women above forty. That could be the reason for implantation failure. Mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to multiple failed IVF cycles.

A small reminder. Here's how it works. Healthy mitochondria are retrieved from a donor’s egg and transferred to a patient’s egg. Then the oocyte is fertilized and a healthy embryo is transferred into a patient’s uterus.

A mitochondrial donor IS NOT a genetic parent of a future baby!! Donated mitochondria account for less than 1% of the baby’s DNA!! Therefore, women who donate their mitochondria will not have any rights for the baby. Mitochondrial donation is anonymous.

Mitochondrial donation program is a breakthrough in reproductive medicine. Infertility is a global health issue that is breaking records and now surrogacy and egg donation treatment are becoming first choices for women. Through these treatments, thousands of couples are becoming parents. Mitochondrial donation makes it possible for a woman to carry and give birth to a child genetically related to both parents on her own. Three-parent baby program allows thousands of infertile women all around the world to carry and give birth to genetically related to them babies. In Ukraine, for example, only one clinic provides such programs. The package costs depend on the number of attempts ## Also the prices for mitochondrial donation programs are inevitably increasing: 6500 EUR - 1 shot with mitochondrial replacement. 9900 EUR - 2 shots. 14900 EUR - 5 shots.

Also I've read somewhere the following. It is thought that only females contribute the fetuses mitochondrial pool but some data suggest otherwise. Historically, mitochondrial DNA has been used to match abducted children with their mothers or grandmothers. For example, in Argentina many children were taken away from their families during past dictatorships. Currently, mitochondrial DNA is being used to help match those children with their grandmothers. It's said, mitochondrial do exponentially more than just creating energy that’s why they are so important. Aren't those facts amazing?!

Hey guys! i went to Cyprus for my treatment and it was waaaay more affordable than usual!

I heard going abroad for treatment will really cost less and many clinic have higher success rates than ones in the UK. can anyone confirm this?

We passed de ivf treatment plan abroad, in Kiev. Here are some of their really strong sides. Their embryologists work with fresh genetic material (eggs/sperm cryopreservation is used only at patient’s will). It is known and proven that quality of eggs gets worse during the freezing process leading to the failed IVF attempts. In addition to the spermogram doctors there conduct sperm analysis for apoptosis. Conducting this medical test embryologist determines presence of the damaged sperm cells which prevent successful conception and can cause child’s DNA damage. In the case of cells’ poor quality, doctor prescribes appropriate medication, afterwards performs reanalysis and successfully fertilize the egg. Karyotype analysis is the part of a standard analyzes set (karyotype test shows the total number of chromosomes, the sex of the person being studied, and if there are any structural abnormalities with any of the individual chromosomes which can cause child’s diseases). They can also calculate the ideal 'window of implantation'. This is the most successful period for the embryo transfer without disturbing its structure and endometrium integrity. Their medical staff carry out detailed diagnostics of patients in order to identify clearly the seeds of the disease or reasons of the unsuccessful IVF attempts. No identical protocols. I believe the only thing which can change with them is package costs. I've found this recently on fb #

4900 EUR - 1 att of donation


6500 EUR - 1 att with mitochondrial replacement


6900 EUR - 2 att of donation


9900 EUR - 2 att with mitochondrial donation


11900 EUR - 5 att of donation


14900 EUR - 5 att with mitochondrial donation.

I'm sure these have to be checked out on their site.

I heard countries like Spain, Cyprus, and Greece offer the most affordable rates while still promising high success rates? Me and my husband don't mind travelling if we can be assured of higher chances of a successful pregnancy

Hi all. I've shared this on another thread. ~

Double package 6.900 euros includes the following services: - 2 embryo transfers; - medical treatment; - medications needed before transfer and 3 months after; - egg donor fee; - sperm donor (if needed) - pregnancy monitoring till 12th week - embryo reduction (if needed) - services of the coordinator in charge of the program; - accommodation; - meals; - transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic. The package doesn't include the following services: - TESA, TESE - PGD/PGS.

Guaranteed success package 9.900 euros includes the following services:

5 embryo transfers; In case of 5 negatives they refund the money paid; Medical treatment; Medications needed before transfer and 3 months after; Egg donor fee; Sperm donor (if needed). Pregnancy monitoring till 12th week. Embryo reduction (if needed). Services of the coordinator in charge of the program; Accommodation; Meals; Transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic. It doesn't include TESA, TESE. Look for more packages available on biotexcom.com/services/.

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