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Stimulation scan

Hi all,

Been for my first stimulation scan this morning. My linning is 6 which is fine. I have 5 follicles at 10 and 2 at 9. I shouldn't feel down and upset but was really hoping they would be perfect. They have upped my stims to 225 and I have another scan on Sunday so hoping they will be ready. Is there anything I can do to improve the size of them ?

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Hi sounds like your doing ok. Try and stay positive. On my day 5 scan I felt like 'is that it' but day 10 all going good and egg collection tomorrow.

All I can advise is to stay positive and don't stress as the stress hormone will not help at all. Eat well and relax when possible!

it will be fine and they have already changed your dose!

Good luck for your scan on Sunday xxx


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