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Anybody out there struggling with their weight leading up to ivf and during treatment? I have gained weight and comfort eating - help !

TTC for 2.5 years and have gained 1.5 stone ... food (particularly junk food) is huge comfort at the minute which makes feel guilty as I know I should be eating much better and adopting a healthier lifestyle. In the past I lost weight / increased my exercise for superficial reasons - I just dont have the motivation at the minute and feel my low mood is affecting this.

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I totally understand where your coming from. We've been TTC nearly 3 years and are getting closer to starting IVF with a donor egg.

I lost a stone and a half last summer and was doing really well. These last few months I've been comforting eating too and feeling sorry for myself....do you think its partly the horrid weather? I keep telling myself it must be that. We have our initial appt at Create Health tomorrow and I'm hoping this will kick start me again.

maybe once you get out in this sun that's meant to be coming you'll feel more motivated??

Good luck and have you started treatment yet?



Hi. So sorry to hear that you are feeling so down because you have a weight problem. I’m afraid that gone are the days when it was not such an issue. Unfortunately, if you are attending an NHS clinic/hospital – for any illness or complaint – not just infertility issues, then they will have their own set of criteria re patients’ BMI. The reason is just that it makes it easier for the doctor to carry out procedures, plus safer for yourself and baby during pregnancy and delivery – plus should you need a general anaesthetic.

Try and picture the baby you so yearn for, and hopefully you can soon become motivated to lose the weight you have gained, and that you will soon be doing everything that you can to lose it. Whatever you choose to do, whether by joining a slimming club or on your own, make sure that you are keeping a record of your losses, however small, so that you can prove you are trying. A practice nurse at your GP practice would weigh you and keep a record too, if you don’t want to join a slimming club. Swimming, if possible, is good too. If you can afford to attend one of these fitness centres, then speak to one of the advisors. He/she will be able to help you with your diet requirements and also the correct exercising that you require. There are people out there to help – and will be interested.

Regarding your last consultation. Did your consultant write to your GP I wonder? It might be worth asking, and then you could request a copy of the letter and read for yourself what was discussed. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to see how we can support you at this time and access all types of information. Kind regards Diane


When I had my first round of Ivf in.2008 I gained about 1 and half stone due to all the drugs. My consultant told me the drugs can cause a build up of water in the body. This time round I think my weight has dropped a bit as the drugs I am on this time make me nauseated.


Hey guys - I am due to finish work the day I start hormone treatment .... Eeek 3 days away!! Hopefully I will feel much calmer and more motivated to get out and do some gentle exercise. I think I have just felt very sorry for myself and have lost a lot of interest in how I look. I have always been weight conscious however nice TTC I have struggled to see the point of dieting and plus food is soooo comforting when feeling low. I really hope I respond we'll to the drugs and don't have any adverse affects. Are there any foods known to increase my chances of a good response during hormone treatment?

Thanks x


I recommend joining Slimming World - it has been brilliant for me as I'm a total comfort eater - I've comfort eaten 3 stone off and I'm keeping it off. You will get support and lots of comfort eating ideas. Good luck.


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