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My Journey

We were told in December that we could't conceive natrually and as you will all understand it was a devastating blow. To help with the stress and all the feelings I have started writing my story to help others going through the same.


If you want to share the journey or find out what I'm going through please feel free to have a look.

Thanks Sam

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What a good idea to set this up, how have you gone about doing this? I think it would really help me to do the same as I am not dealing with this very well at all. I was told 2 weeks ago that I am going through early menopause at 30... we got married a year and a half ago and since then I have had hardly any periods and they stopped about a year ago. x


I've been blogging since the beginning of Feb because I needed an outlet - it was really simple to set up. and although there's lots of information online IVF but it's difficult to locate all the less medical stuff and also how people actually feel about it.

You want to know if your normal, if what your feeling is normal. I know there isn't a 'normal' way to deal with it but there is what other people feel.


This blog/site is invaluable and I think any way of releasing frustration is also invaluable. Plus it's great if you can write stuff that other people may recognise in themselves, such as the frustration of waiting for treatment, side effects of medication etc, then that's great. Thanks for sharing this with us, it's appreciated.


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