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6 days post transfer

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Hi, I had my transfer Tuesday and have been having cramps on and off but this evening they r actually really sore...I feel like just doing a test, feel like I need to know either way! It’s driving me mad x

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Hi! I’m 4dp5dt- the temptation to test gets higher each day doesn’t it.

I’m having cramps too like mild dull ache. Surely it’s too early to have period symptoms?

If the test comes out positive it’ll reassure you but if it’s negative it’ll prob make you feel even more tempted to test again the same day!

Fingers crossed for us xx

My last 2 transfers I have tested early and promised I would wait until at least day 10 but when I am having these pains I find it so much harder to wait, just want to know either way! I have been having them since day 3 on and off but this evening they r a lot worse, no spotting or anything...I’ll try and hold off until day 8 at least...is this ur first FET?

I can’t see period coming now as yeah I think it’s too early but feel like it could be signs that it coming...this is my third FET in 8 months and feel like this one is taken it’s toll on me, mentally...xx

We’ve had a fresh transfer & fet start of the year but both bfn. I had all sorts of symptoms cramping, nausea. Kept thinking I was pregnant but was stressed. This time I feel calmer & having symptoms. Im not taking progesterone this time so if it’s not progesterone what could it be other than pregnancy ? I hope.

Then I worry im wrong!

It may be all good signs, here’s hoping...when is ur official test day? X

Not until next Monday. It’s so difficult to stop thinking about it isn’t it? Are you managing to stay calm?

Mine is next Monday as well, will that be ur day 11? Do u think u will test early? Yeah it very hard not to think about it, r u working or have time off?

One minute I feel calm and the next I don’t, just all over the place..what about u?

Mine is on Monday too 😬

I’m so tempted to test but on the other hand I’m too scared to see the results

I think it might be day 11. It’s so difficult not to test. I think about it whenever I pass urine so it’s quite a lot in a day. I keep checking for blood too- quite a traumatic time in the day. I’ve got annual leave luckily. How about you?

Have you had any symptoms goodvibesonly ?

My whole pelvis is aching now.

I thought I felt some pulling one day after transfer. And now throughout the day I feel a bit of mild cramping like my period is coming on 🤷‍♀️

I’m so confused. I have all the emotions all day long. From positiv to this is definitely not working 🤦‍♀️

I want to hold out till Friday and then test

I had a fresh transfer this round. And an FET about 2 months ago. I don’t even remember what I felt after the FET

Girls I couldn’t wait any longer and tested, faint positive..actually shocked

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MammaMia86 in reply to Vicky2810

Congrats....I completely understand you. I wasn't able to resist and I did it. Came as well faint line and 2 days later I nought a digital so it could clearly say if I was pregnant or not. And....it was positive again. Today I went to do my blood test, so I am hoping it comes with good news.

I think even if it does come positive I will be stressing about everything else....and I think it is a bit the feeling we all have here.


That’s great 🤞 are you going to have a blood test on your official test day?

Good luck for the rest of your journey

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Cheles in reply to Vicky2810

Congratulations!!!I am 9 days post a 3day transfer, its so hard not to keep testing even when you know its not possible to get a +ve yet.Tested this morning and I got a -ve :(

I was just about to tell you not to worry and that I had cramps almost the whole time from transfer until my positive test last week, when I saw your update and double lines 😊 congratulations 🎉❤️

Cramps can be a positive sign. I know it can make you a bit mad. I was convinced it was the drugs (as it can be) and all in my head. It’s probably too early to test anyway - and I waited the full time this time and it was definitely better than testing early and getting disappointment. Good luck!

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

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