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Pregnancy test 5dp5dt *Update with HCGs

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So I swore I would resist the temptation to test but here I am on 5dp5dt after a fresh transfer. Ovulation trigger was 13 days ago so I'm hoping it's left my system by now.. What do we think? Don't indulge me ladies, I can handle the truth. It is entirely possible that I'm wishing the faintest possible line into existence where there is none..

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I can see the faintest of faint lines 😊 Congratulations.All you can do now is test again in the morning and the line will hopefully be much clearer.

I see a very faint line but I honestly don’t know whether the trigger shot would still be in your system or not… but I do see the line! Hopefully it continues to get darker 🍀 xx

I can see a very faint line! Hopefully it’ll just get darker and darker! 🙌🏻❤️

Thank you ladies.. This IVF round has kicked my ass! I downregulated for 10 days, then stimulated for 16 days (!), the egg collection left me incredibly sore for days and now the lubion injections are an absolute bastard of a thing. Plus fragmin (blood thinners). I'm covered in bruises and frankly, I'm exhausted. There was a miniscule part of me that tested so early just to end it all. Of course now I'm incredibly excited though trying to keep it in check. This is my second IVF round. The first produced no good day 5 embryos which was heartbreaking (12 eggs, 8 mature, 5 fertilised and none made it). And I have two early miscarriages from natural conceptions. If I express any frustrations I feel almost judged like how I dare I imply that the blood, sweat and tears are not everything I dreamed of! Anyway.. sorry for the rambling but I hope you understand. Maybe, just maybe, it's ok to say that this process can be so so so sh*t and that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to go through inhumane sacrifices to get there. Love and baby dust to all. I see your struggles.

Oh hell yes, we understand. And as well as the physical side of it is there's the emotional torture we're putting ourselves through. Hopefully it's all worth it, but there are no guarantees and it's just so hard. Good luck xxx

I see it. Hope this is the real thing xxx

So a friend going through similar ivf struggles tells me contrasting pregnancy test photos is a thing...?! 😅😅😅😅 We have all collectively lost our minds, right?? ❤

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Ha ha ha negative pics is also a thing. I used to do all of these things!😂🙈xx

Can definitely see where the line should be if it were stronger which suggests there's something there as my experience is its absolutely blank on a negative. I tested 5dp5dt amd now I'm 17 it can happen xx 🥰

I see a faint line 😀 I really hope so for you 💕

Congratulations! Not sure if this will show but this was my test at day 5, exactly the same as yours and I’m now 18weeks. I had the same with my last pregnancy and the trigger should definitely be out of your system by now! X

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Bella_Bee in reply to Minnie92

Oh wow, yes they do look very similar. God, I hope so. Trying not to test again until tomorrow but I think I will fail in this endeavour! 😅 Huge congratulations to you! How was your first trimester?

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Minnie92 in reply to Bella_Bee

Just do it once a day at the same time then you’ll get the most accurate results, hcg doubles every 48 hours so tomorrow’s test might be the same so don’t be disheartened! I really struggled with nausea this time but feeling much better now thank you !

I can see a faint line, hoping it gets darker for you!!🤞🏻xx

I also had a similar line 5 days post transfer that got a little darker each day. I had a FET so didnt have to worry about the trigger. Congratulations and hoping for you!

Looks promising. I tested at 6dp5dt and got a faint line, confirmed next day by blood tests. Good luck! 🤞❤️

Now for day 6. This one we can all see right? As it's getting stronger it cannot be the trigger. Riiiight? F************ck!!!!!! Ok, breathe.. 😊

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NP2021 in reply to Bella_Bee

Getting stronger definitely not trigger at this stage!

Yep, that’s hCG. ( :

I see the d5 and d6 lines!!! It is getting darker…. Fingers crossed 🤞it gets stronger with each passing day

Definitely stronger!🤣🤪🤯🤞🏻xx

Congratulations 🥳🥳

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Minnie92 in reply to Bella_Bee

100% stronger! Congratulations 🥳

Hi Bella! I think you’re testing too early to begin with. Even though some products claim they are 99% effective at accurately determining pregnancy 5 days before the first day of your missed period, this is very misleading.

After having a 36 year old client with PCOS who finally tested positive 5 days after the first day of her missed period using ClearBlue, I began to wonder what population of women they were using when coming up with the 99% rate.

I called the info number for ClearBlue and was answered by a woman who did not know the answer. I left my email address not expecting much. But about a month later I received an email clarifying that the 99% was derived from women in their reproductive prime with no challenges to their fertility. If you’re receiving ART/IUI/IVF etc. and you’re not 18 to 26 years old, there’s a good chance the tests are not going to perform as advertised.

Since then I’ve had another older (41years) client who, using ClearBlue didn’t test positive until 3 days after her first missed day.

I've tested positive a few times with clearblue ( a few miscarriages) at 12 DPO which made me 3 days till my period was due got a 1-2 weeks which would be right for dates.. I think it's very individual all HCG will vastly vary between pregnant women. It's definitely not one size fits all! All is not over unless period arrives. For me I have to take medication in pregnancy so I have to test early. Most drs will advise not to test till after the missed period also this saves the heartache of seeing a chemical pregnancy.

Hi Jess, What I was suggesting is what I think you’ve suggested, that the test can be highly variable between individuals. The test no doubt works well in the majority of cases, but the further one gets from the ClearBlue 99% population, the more likely the test won’t work as advertised. ClearBlue wants to be able to advertise as positively as it can represent itself, which I presume is why women outside of their reproductive prime, or women with fertility difficulties, are left out of the tested group.

I hear you. But I wonder why that would be the case. Hcg is hcg whether you're in your fertile prime or not. Then of course we have a higher chance of miscarriage, including chemical pregnancy, and other complications but hcg levels don't lie, regardless of whether how likely they are to come down or not. In any case, I've only been using early first response which measures from 6.5ml and, frankly, I've played this game long enough not to pin my hopes and dreams on an early test result. It's a very personal choice which everyone should take with enough self awareness of what they find more unbearable. For me, a little bit of light that might fade is better than total darkness. Thank you for your message though. 😊

I just saw your more recent photo. Congratulations. Since there was little yesterday, and an obvious line today it can’t be an artifact from hCG trigger, so it must be hCG from pregnancy.

To be clear I wasn’t trying to shed darkness on you. You did ask for honesty and to give you hope I wanted to share with you and other women reading this blog my client experiences and the information from ClearBlue. In the realm of all women struggling with infertility, any tool that allows one to have some sense of control and power over the bewildering process is of emotional benefit. I think perspective and knowledge bestows a sense of control and power.

hCG is hCG but for some reason, the test reaction in the two cases I mentioned was quite delayed. The first client now has a healthy 3 month old with flaming red hair, and the second mentioned client is now 18 weeks at 41 years old and is passing all the benchmarks and going strong. And there must be good reasons for ClearBlue to exclude women struggling with infertility to bolster their numbers.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Afternoon ladies,

7dp5pt update. So far so good.

Anyone know when the cut off point is for a chemical pregnancy? There is never any uncomplicated joy with IVF until you actually have a healthy birth, is there?

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Minnie92 in reply to Bella_Bee

These lines are looking really good, there’s a difference every day! As for a chemical I’m not sure, I had a natural chemical at Christmas and my tests never got darker then eventually faded to nothing. Just have hope and faith that your embryo is sticking and growing 🙏🏼 Stay positive x

Unfortunately there isnt a cut off. I had one and my tests were ok progression wise, you cant tell how it's going to go which is a danger of early testing sadly. However your tests are looking good so far so you are in with a great chance.xx

Hi Bella Bee, congratulations on your BFP! 😊 As for chemical pregnancy, that's a tough one. I found out I had a chemical OTD when my bloods came back with a low hcg level. Therefore, it was not a surprise to me when I miscarried a few days later. Jess is right that drs typically don't recommend testing after after you miss your period for a few days because chemicals can be brutal and testing early makes you aware of them when you otherwise maybe wouldn't know. 😑 I think chemicals tend to end within one week of your missed period. At least that seems to be what I've read on these boards and experienced. Try really hard to enjoy your pregnancy! I found that the 2WW was nothing compared to waiting for viability scans and milestones after your bfp! 😆 But I'm a terribly anxious person! Good luck! Xx

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Bella_Bee in reply to Belangalo

Thank you Belangalo! I hear you, I feel like I'm in a brace position. 😅 But I also read somewhere that as heartbreaking as they are, it is more useful to know than not to know so that if you tend to have recurring ones, they can investigate the problem. It's exactly what happened to me with "natural" pregnancies until I was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and Factor V Leiden. Now on bastard bruising and burning blood thinning injections and baby aspirin. It should hopefully help unless the embryo is not genetically viable.

I'll try but I think I'll only relax in 8 months' time if I get that far. 😊❤

Hi Bella

I felt soo excited as I read through this thread. Congratulations and I hope that line keeps getting darker!

You defo have to try your best to enjoy your pregnancy. It’s soo much easier said than done, I know!


8dp5dt I can't quite believe this is happening in real time and it is happening to me. I'm now googling normal progression that goes to sh*t before OTD. I swear I never considered myself to be an anxious person before.. Beta HCG blood test on Thursday ( 11dpdt). Planned a couple of lovely days out today and tomorrow (weather permitting...) I won't post any more of these now because I'm annoying myself, nevermind all of you 😅 Will check in after the blood test. Thank you all so so so so much for cheering me on. This community really is something special. ❤

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Amazing 🙂 Congratulations ❤

Ha ha ha I can relate so much! My hubby used to think I was a complete mentalist doing tests and doing daily comparisons!! Its all completely normal for us lot so cant imagine you're annoying anyone at all! Good luck for your beta.xx

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Minnie92 in reply to Bella_Bee

Amazing so happy for you ! The anxiety is horrendous isn’t it, you think once you get a positive all your problems go away! X

Massive congratulations ❤ 🥰🥰🥰

I've enjoyed the updates you're not annoying me 🤣, it's been great seeing how dark the lines get and on what days. It's educational haha. Massive congratulations to you. So pleased 🙂 x

So, it stands to reason, or clear lack of, that today I'm absolutely freaking out because the 9dpdt PM line is lighter than this morning's. If anyone has had a chemical pregnancy or week 5/6 miscarriage you carry the trauma of dropping hcg around with you.. Clearly the rational thing to do is to stop fckn testing and just wait for the blessed blood test but it turns out I am no longer in control of myself. Someone lock me in a room with no access to these tests please.

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Millbanks in reply to Bella_Bee

Hun an afternoon test will be lighter because your urine is more diluted!

Step away from the tests!! xxxx

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JoyfulStar in reply to Millbanks

Great advice! 🙂

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Millbanks in reply to JoyfulStar

How are you getting on JoyfulStar ? xx

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JoyfulStar in reply to Millbanks

Actually really well. Thanks for asking Millbanks 😊Had a positive outcome from last round with an embryo frozen. My husband and I just moved from London to Liverpool so taking things easy for now. Hope to give an update in the next few weeks 🙏🏾

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Millbanks in reply to JoyfulStar

Oh wow!! I'm so happy for you :) Brilliant news hun xx

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Bella_Bee in reply to Millbanks

I've been doing all the tests at 11am so SMU. But yes, I hear you, I must sound so bonkers. Thank god for anonymity! 😁

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Millbanks in reply to Bella_Bee

Haha - the crazies take over for sure!! You've got this! Deep breaths xx

I think it's just down to the fact you'll ne more hydrated on the day so your urine will be more dilute. If you can try to stick yo testing at the same time each day.xx

You're right! I'll get back on track (says the crazy person) tomorrow. 😘

Ha ha ha you need to be a bit crazy ( in a good way) to get through IVF.🤣🤣xx

A massive congratulations on your BFP 🎉Now all you need is a blood test to confirm your pregnancy or a final test on your OTD. Wishing you a positive outcome all the way…. 🙏🏾

10dp5dt beta hcg test came in at 149. Today is 11dp5dt and tomorrow is the second blood test. More home tests below because, well, this is how we are rolling now. Do we like 149 at 10dp5st or 15 dpo the non ivf way? Seems a bit low doesn't it.. Ok well.. Let's see if it doubles tomorrow. That's the big test.

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Hi guys,

12dp5dt HCG came in at 495 today. 10dp5dt was 149. Absolutely chuffed with that. As anyone who has miscarried knows, it is so hard to live in the moment but I'm trying. One more picture below for anyone stalking these progression photos online. I will stop testing at home now. The pregnancy line is finally pulling dye from the control line. One more hcg test next week to get over 2000 hcg and then we sit and wait. Wish me luck ladies! Thanks for being there for me ❤

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Minnie92 in reply to Bella_Bee

Honestly these tests are amazing I never got a test that strong and I tested up until 14dp5dt with this pregnancy! HCG levels are amazing. Try not to worry anymore I know easier said than done but you’ve got over this hurdle now focus all your energy on keeping positive and healthy for your little baby ❤️

Great news, all sounds like its progressing well! Congratulations.xx

Just to bring the HCG thread to its conclusion, I tested it yesterday at 6 weeks 3 days (or 31 DPO) and it was 36000. Eagerly awaiting the first scan next week. So far so good. Breathe...

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