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I never thought I would get to make this announcement

After 5 rounds with my own eggs, 6 transfers and then one donor cycle with my sisters eggs.

I can say I am pregnant my beta came back at over 600. We are complete shock and have told everyone very close to us that it worked but don’t quite believe it.

I am wishing everyone lots of luck. Now the long 3 weeks to my scan date ❤️

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Congratulations💕 Xx

Congratulations wishing you all the luck for a healthy pregnancy xx

Wow wow wow, brilliant news. So many congratulations to you xxx

Congratulations 🥳

Huge congratulations, what an amazing sister you have. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy hope it all goes smoothly Xx

Such lovely news, huge congrats to you all xx

Wonderful news, congratulations 🥳

Congratulations, such wonderful news!! Over the moon for you, truly. I know the BFP is just the beginning, but try and enjoy it - you've got to start somewhere!! Big hugs xxx

Awwww! This is great news! So happy for you!

Congratulations! Amazing news, so pleased for you! I hope these next 3 weeks go quickly for you! Xx

Congratulations! Wishing you a smooth pregnancy xx

This has really really brightened my day. So lovely to see someone have the good news they so greatly deserve. I wish you the very healthy and happiest of pregnancies ♥️♥️♥️

Awww Katrina that's amazing news!!🤗 Congratulations, thoroughly deserved!xxx

Love this news!! Enjoy every second xx

What a journey youve had. So glad to see a happy ending. Wishing you a healthy and stress free 9 months.

How amazing and huge congratulations...my sister and my cousins offered us their eggs but my husband felt it was too close to home, so we didn’t. I’m still waiting for my stork xx

Wow! Wonderful news! Xxxx

Thank you everyone I have gone in to crazy panic mode already. I have had some spotting this morning when I wipe going to be a long 3 weeks xx

Congratulations Katrina!

That’s amazing, congratulations!! X

Congratulations 👏👏👏

A massive congratulations 🎉

Congratulations 😍

Massive congratulations, thats so special xx

Many congrats thats wonderful news all the very best. xxx

How special, congratulations ❤️

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!

Such lovely news! So pleased for you! It will be a stressful time but take each day as a little win and look after yourself 🥰xx

Congratulations! That's excellent news and gives us all hope!Xxx

Congratulations! Super excited for you x

Amazing news!!! Congratulations xx

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