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Sore boobs?

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Happy Sunday everyone 🌻 Rather random question but those of you who get sore boobs before or during period: have you had these symptoms as part of your BFP? During my normal cycles I get really sore, massive boobs before and during period. So I keep expecting to have the same after transfer. But on all 3 of my transfers I’ve not had any tenderness at all and all have been BFN. I guess I am asking if anyone who would usually get soreness in a normal cycle, has had a BFP without the sore boobs..

Sorry that was long winded! Love to all 💖

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Heyy hope you’re well.

Yes my boobs get very sore before I’m due on my period. Then go after AF arrives.

With my past transfers - my boobs are sore but then the soreness usually went around 9/10dpt. My last transfer was on 4th Oct - same again, sore boobs.. disappeared again at day 8ish I think but then got my BFP on 11dp5dt. Then they went extremely sore again !

Hope that helps you a little 😄 xx

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Awww congratulations! That does help a bit. Thanks for replying xxx

I always get tender breasts before AF. With my daughter the difference was my nipples were also very sore after ovulation. With this pregnancy my breasts were not sore at all after ovulation or before period was due- in early trimester they weren’t that sore or big! In my second trimester they’ve hurt more & grown ( ironically symptoms supposedly ease after first trimester !) the point is every pregnancy is different & every women’s pregnancy will be unique to her! Do the clinic monitor progesterone levels ( maybe you might need more?) xxx

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Thanks Jess. Congratulations on your pregnancy 😊

Yes I’ve been on 2x cyclogest and 2x lubion for the last 2 transfers so I think it’s enough... the levels were about 100. Xx

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Thank you very much, god smacked after our long struggle to have our daughter !!! Your levels sound normal & I wouldn’t worry about it. Most women don’t have symptoms or know they are pregnant until a missed period & positive test ( try not to read too much into it I don’t think it’s a bad sign) good luck with it all wishing you a BFP soon xxx

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Thank you 💖 for me it’s always the biggest sign of my period so I’m trying to manage my expectations during my next 2WW... xxx

I had very sore boobs from 2dp to 4dp and then the soreness went away and I had a massive meltdown thinking that it’s over on 5dp. I did get a bfp and my boobs aren’t very sore at all still at 7 weeks. It doesn’t help that so many people keep saying that sore boobs are like the biggest symptom while I didn’t/don’t have them!

Good luck!!! How many dp are you?? Xx

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Millbanks in reply to Lisichka

Congratulations on you BFP. Do you usually have sore boobs as part of your normal cycle? Xx

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Lisichka in reply to Millbanks

Yes, before my period they used to increase in size and become sensitive. Keeping my Fingers crossed for you!

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Yes that's what happens with me, so I expect that would happen if I got a BFP - so far all negatives and no sore boobs... xx

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How many days past transfer are you?

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I'm not yet, just trying to manage my expectations for the next one! xx

Hi Mill ,

I’m on 12 day of my 5 day FET , from day 1 to day 6 I had extreme sore boobs and it started disappearing the pain and sore day by day and today completely go ,I m worried today I’m waiting for my blood results

After reading other people experience feel some hope , otherwise I lost my hope completely

No symptoms I feel today

Thanks 😊

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Millbanks in reply to Hopely

Hi Hopely, thanks for your reply 😬 fingers crossed for you! Symptoms are a minefield in this game! Xx

I use to get sore boobs so bad I would want to cry if I do much as leant on my desk as work!

However after I miscarried in my first pregnancy (natural conception) that stopped.

I never had sore boobs through my two failed ivf cycle Or my normal monthly cycles but I also never had sore boobs when pregnant with my daughter (surprise conception) until of course my milk started building up towards the end of my pregnancy.

I spoke to my doctor about this and she said that hormonal changes could be the reason that I no longer have sore boobs and I had lost quite a lot of weight.

It’s strange as pre ivf I would have horrific periods in terms of pain but since ivf and the birth of Beatrix I only know to expect Aunt Flo by the date!

I think our bodies obvs change through time but given the meds etc our bodies can do strange things xxxx

That’s really interesting! I think you are right. It’s all very frustrating when trying to stay sane! Xx

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