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Faint positive 12dp3dt


My OTD is not until Monday but I caved and tested early. The clear blue was with first urine of the day and the cheapie (out of date test expired 2018 - I try not to keep them in the house!) was with a second one later on. I’ll get some new tests today and test again tomorrow. Praying this sticks after 3 years, 3 cycles and not a sniff of a positive!

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They aren’t faint!!!!! The clear blue is clear as day and the cheap strip is very dark as they are always rubbish! Congratulations xxx

Lowamh in reply to Orla9298

My husband couldn’t read the clear blue and made me do the out of date cheapie 🤦‍♂️ So I thought these were faint! Thank you Orla. Good luck with your cycle x

Well done good for you that is clear as day it's positive xx

Congrats, definitely positive! Wishing you luck xxx

Congratulations! Looking great!xx


The clearblue is not faint in the slightest and don’t read results off an out of date test. Congratulations 🎉🎉x

They are very strong positives! Congratulations xxx

Wow congratulations. How wonderful 🎉💐xx

Congratulations. 🎉🎉🎊That is a very clear positive on both tests

Thank you, that’s reassuring

Yay!! Congrats, those are defo positives! Fantastic news xx

Keeping everything crossed for you!!!


Lowamh in reply to EmGLA

Thank you


Congratulations looks great good luck for OTD xx

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