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Update viability scan ***


So all is well!!! After our scare on Tuesday night I was dreading the scan. But there it was - our little bambino. Measuring perfectly with a strong heartbeat. 💛💛💛 now is the big question - how to relax!!! I don’t think I’ll stop worrying until they are here safe in my arms!!! Sending love to you all xxxx

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That's lovely news, congratulations xxx

Yay good news xxx

What a relief for you! Great news 😊 x

Hurrah. You never stop worrying but it gets easier as the weeks turn into months x

So pleased to see this :) as for the anxiety... get yourself through day by day or week by week - each one down is another small step closer to your goal. It will get easier as you can tick off the milestones xxx

If you figure out a way to relax please give me a shout! Haven’t managed it yet and I’m 19 weeks next week 😂 Absolutely great news on your viability scan xx

Congratulations! Wonderful news! 😊

Such great news. Suspect you'll have a heightened level of worry for at least 19 years now!!!! Congratulations


That’s great news! Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉🎉💖

Big congrats you never stop worrying hun I worried through my full pregnancy xx

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