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Support groups in South Staffs/Wolvs


Hi ladies,

Does anybody know of any fertility support groups in South Staffs or Wolverhampton? I really feel like I would benefit from meeting other ladies in the same position as I am starting to feel isolated and alone

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Hi Clairenix, I’m sorry I don’t have any info about the support groups (I had a similar problem finding one in Manchester) but just wanted to say you’re not alone in how you feel, I promise, I’m also hoping to undergo IVF abroad and had several failed cycles and it affected me to the point of starting antidepressants last year (which I’m now trying to come off before treatment).. I’m sending you big hugs and I sympathise with all my heart xxx

Thankyou Claire for messaging me, sorry you didn't have any luck finding a group, I would have thought there would have been one in Manchester. It's just such a rollercoaster isn't it and it's hard to keep picking yourself back up.

Have you got a clinic in mind? Xxx

Hi Clairenix, I think we’re going to Athens in May, fingers crossed.. though I’m currently worrying about Brexit and if that’s going to affect us getting there and back for donor egg treatment 🙈 It’s probably a daft thing to worry about but something unexpected always seems to crop up to mess with our cycles! Hope you’re feeling a little better than a few days ago, sending lots of good thoughts your way Xxx

Ladypii in reply to Claire_Mitch

Hi Claire_Mitch, did you ever manage to find one in Manchester? I tried looking online for some groups but didn’t have much luck xx

Claire_Mitch in reply to Ladypii

Hi Ladypii, I never did find an actual support group in Manchester. The only one was a group for when you’ve finished IVF and it hasn’t been successful so it was for people who were not going to be trying for a baby anymore. However I do meet up for lunch/coffee with another lovely girl on here who lives in Manchester and you’d be welcome to join us if you ever want to :-) xxx

Ladypii in reply to Claire_Mitch

Thanks Claire_Mitch that’s so kind to offer, I will drop you a DM xxx

Hi there, I’m not too far from you (I’m in Shropshire). I’m pretty sure that they are setting one up in Shrewsbury during April, taking place at the Shropshire and mid wales fertility centre if you could travel a little. I’m here for a chat too 💕 xx

Clairenix in reply to Lou7744

Thanks Lou really appreciate that. Shrewsbury only about 35mins away so could definitely travel. Would you mind keeping me posted xx

Hi Clairenix. There’s one in Birmingham City Centre. The group meet at Costa Coffee at Five Ways on the first Tuesday of the month. I never actually went in the end so I don’t know what it’s like but I can message you the details if you’d like. I’m not sure whether it’s too far or not but just let me know. Talking definitely helps xx

Gemz29 in reply to Snez84

Hi, could you send me any details you have please? I live in Birmingham & work near five ways x

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