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BFP on OTD but bleeding so heavily


I had my OTD today and was expecting the worst as AF started on Monday (or so i’d Assumed). When I called the clinic this afternoon for my result I was shocked that it was a solid BFP! I have to go in for a retest on friday because they’re concerned about the bleeding. Feels like on this journey you’re always waiting for the next result and it’s so frustrating. Anyway, please keep everything crossed for me ladies.

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Hi LettoRory. Oh dear! So sorry to hear this. However, it all depends upon how many embryos you had put back, just in case you had two and one has not continued to divide, Unfortunately bleeds like this can happen, and often a reason is never found - and the pregnancy continues, so keeping everything crossed that Friday's result is even better. Diane

Hi Diane

Thanks, I only had one embryo put back so I’m hoping it sticks!


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Hi Scarlett. Me too! It happens unfortunately. Hopefully you will get a big surprise on Friday. Thinking of you. Diane xx

What a shame that what should be such a happy moment is full of so much worry and stress. Definitely everything crossed for you for Friday xxx

Congratulations on the result fingers crossed for you the bleeding stops and is nothing to worry about xx

Wishing you lots of luck for Friday xx

Congratulations on the BFP. Sorry to hear you have bleeding it is worrying. I had lots of bleeding with this pregnancy between 6-14 weeks & I’m now 25 weeks, so you can bleed & be okay 🙂 I really hope all goes well tomorrow & you get some reassurance ❤️ xoxo

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