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First IVF appointment - what to expect?


Hi everyone,

I have my first IVF consultation with a fertility nurse on Friday. Apparently it's a 2 hour appointment. What should I be expecting? What kind of questions should I ask?

It's my first IVF, I've had no fertility treatment before. I've been having treatment for severe endometriosis for past 3 years. This is an NHS funded cycle.

My biggest worry ( aside from it not working or, worse, miscarriages) is the effect it will have on my endometriosis.

I'm so nervous!

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Hey hun just wanted to wish you well with your appointment. It will probably just be talking about your meds and how to administer nurse made me jab myself with a small needle and I was so scared and honestly it didnt hurt at all! I've been through 2 rounds and the injections to me were the easy part I even did them myself 😊 she will probably give you a time line of treatment plan as well, I suggest taking a pad and paper just to write things down they are usually pretty good tho with giving you time lines and info. Wish you all the best you will be fine try not go stress too much 😊 best of luck to you xxx

We didnt have an awful lot done at our first appointment. I had an internal scan to check my uterus and ovaries. Hubby and I both had bloods done and we just had a chat about our general medical history! Wishing you luck, hope it goes well.xx

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