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Thank you


I just wanted to thank you all for talking me down from my little wobble yesterday and making me keep up the pessaries.

Last night I had a streak of brown blood and today I’m wiping pink so i bought a cheapo test at lunch and I have the faintest line. Very faint but definitely there. My boobs were also getting sensitive yesterday and today my nipples have joined in (this is all TMI I know sorry!).

Many of you have watched me go through 3 consecutive chemicals/early fails so obviously I find it likely this will do the same... however... at least I feel a tiny bit more in with a chance.

I’ll pick up some better clearer tests this evening after work.

So thank you all for yesterday.


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Oh this is great Orla, Im so glad that you didnt stop your meds!! Best of luck for a sticky

Fingers crossed for u! Hope this time is your lucky time! xxxx


Really pleased that you stuck with the pessaries. I really hope this time there is a happy ending for you.xx

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I keep thinking one day it’s got to work but I have to remember these embryos were he slowest poorer ones xxx

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There's one thing I have learnt in my fertility experience and that there is often no rhyme nor reason for many things and knowledge is limited and growing all the time. Often a great grade embryo can not work. I have experienced this. They are not out until they are out. Best of luck.xx

Masses of luck, and well done for keeping going when things were so difficult.

It seems to me the more I read that poorer slower embryos dont always mean not working - how many times have we seen BFNs with 4AAs and then BFPs with 3CC or even 2 day transfers. Try and keep positive and I will keep everything crossed for you xx

Great, well done for getting through yesterday, so hard I know, and sticking with meds. Hope so hard that this will stick. Much love x

Amazing!!! Hoping so much that line gets stronger! I feel today like you did yesterday too, it’s such a rollercoaster isn’t it! Sending lots of luck xx

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It is a rollercoaster!! Stay strong!!! I’ve done another test at home it was a digi and days not pregnant... but today’s test is still a clear faint line. Head a mess, will test again tomorrow!

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You’ve still got 4 days till test day and within those 4 days that hcg will just keep on leaping! 😊 your post has made me feel better so thanks for sharing! Xx

Good luck orla, I have everything crossed for you xx

Best of luck Orla. Got everything crossed for you. Xxx


Oh that's fantastic news Orla9298. Thank you for keeping going and thank you for the update today. Keep on keeping on as they say. We are all routing for you and your little bean. It's obviously a fighter and grades don't mean anything once they are back where they should be. Big hugs and keep the faith xxx

I would also suggest that you stop testing until Friday now. Just carry on as instructed by the clinic and test on otd. As you have seen, all this early testing just causes stress and anxiety which is no good xxx

Congratulations, so happy for you 😘 My first symptom was sore nipples; that was the only thing that was different from my normal PMS breasts! I’m now 16 weeks. I think that is a really good sign 😉 At this early point it’s best to test with first urine; you’ll get a stronger test. I used the clearblue digital conception pregnancy test when I’d missed a period ( which has only happened when I’ve been pregnant) , I found them easier to interpret.

Really sorry for your losses, one is too much three is horrendous. 😢 Hope this is your rainbow baby xoxo

Oh brilliant ! I'm so glad you didn't stop the meds and at the very least whatever happens you have given it your best shot and won't regret having stopped them.

Miracles do happen ! And for it to be even a faint positive after a complete blank yday (and on an afternoon urine as well!) Is a good sign.

Let's hope it's late implantation- but maybe test in couple days if you can hold out x

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