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Reciprocal IVF on the NHS-Yorkshire


Hi all,

Me and my girlfriend are looking to start a family. I was diagnosed with Endometrosis a few years back and therefore for obvious reasons I’m concerned about fertility issues. I plan on carrying with my partners egg.

Does anybody have any advice or experience in a similar situation? What are the options that may be funded on the NHS or is it likely that we will be paying privately. Private would be a huge financial struggle however I’m concerned my fertility is time sensitive.

Any advice for our GP app next week?

Thanks so much! :) x

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Hey there. Do you know what CCG you are based in as that will determine your eligibility for funding. Most CCGs should have an IVF criteria on their website.

From my experience as a GP referring people and being on a CCG board in London- many only fund IVF for same sex partners or single females if you have self funded donor Insemination 6-12 times or one of you has a cause for subfertility.

Book two appointments with your GP- one for you and your partner so that both of you can get some baseline tests- day 3 LH and FSH, day 21 progesterone (if you have a 28 day cycle), thyroid function tests and an internal ultrasound (I would also get rubella testing done if you are not sure whether you had MMR when you were younger as you will need this if you end up going for IVF). Hopefully, your GP may know more about the criteria locally.

Good luck!

nicole_44 in reply to Hidden

Hi lovely,

Thanks so much for responding! I’m based in Wakefield so fall under that CCG. I’ve had a look however struggling to find what will/won’t be offered! Would diagnosed endometriosis be a substantial fertility issue to warrant IVF on the NHS?

Just trying to decide what the best option is based on the paths that are available to us! A round of IVF would be very costly which is always a risk knowing that I have endometriosis!

Thanks again! Xx

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Not sure endometriosis would be considered as a substantial fertility issue (by the funding team- not a personal view) without some attempts to conceive first but hopefully your GP will be able to refer you after the initial tests for more testing such as an HSG (a dye test to check for blockages) at the fertility clinic. Below is the fertility policy I found for wakefield- hopefully there may be someone on the forum that might have some personal experience with this...

nicole_44 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your help lovely! We had the appointment today and have been referred to a fertility clinic. She advised she didn’t really know what cycles we would be entitled to but thought it would be atleast one if not two funded cycles! X

Can’t offer any advice but wanted to wish you lots of luck for your journey xx

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