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A good day??


So this what these positive posts are all about! I know not every day is good but if we can find a little positive moment then hopefully those moments will happen more and more and we will then have more good days.

So today I found a great new exercise class and I went on my own. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming which made it so enjoyable (don’t get me wrong it was It was hard but I felt so good for getting myself there). I almost can’t wait for next week already and I really didn’t think I’d be saying that!

We then took the dog for a long walk in the sunshine along the beach and took our time just enjoying spending time together.

Oh and then a lady let me go in front of her at the supermarket as I only had a few things! Just a little but lovely thing.

I’d love to hear your stories from today xxx

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Do you live near the coast? I’m so jealous if you do 😍

My day started off a bit questionable but turned out ok. Hubby and I took Mum to an Arboretum and although she moaned constantly about walking and hills and took a walking stick with her (she’s only 61 btw) I had a good laugh at her. Then we went to Dunelm and I bought a few more bits to tart up the kitchen a bit more xx

Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

Ah I’m glad your day got better. It’s such a nice feeling getting bits done round the house too isn’t it.

I do live quite near the coast, I’m not far from Bristol and Weston Super Mare so it’s not quite the Med! But it’s still lovely to be near the water and the dog absolutely loves swimming so he’s happy x

Tugsgirl in reply to Franco81

Ah nice. We were in Portishead a few weeks ago and Ckevedon this summer. We wanted to try somewhere different from Weston for a change. Weston isn’t far from us, about an hour xx

Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

Ah Clevedon is where we’ve moved to! It’s really nice here but just getting used to it being home. Did you say you’re Midlands?

We walked the dog at Brean down yesterday which is just round from Weston but the lady in the car park told us if we went up onto the top to keep the dog on a lead as they lose a dog a month over the edge. So we decided to stay on the beach! I couldn’t bare even thinking of it.

There is something nice about being near water though x

Tugsgirl in reply to Franco81

We thought Clevedon was lovely. Very quaint and less tacky than Weston although not much in the way of shops and I couldn’t find a fridge magnet for my collection 😢 (Every time we go out we get a fridge magnet souvenir). We ate at the little restaurant on the pier and Hubby said it was the best scampi and chips he’d ever had!

We’re not far away at all really, Herefordshire.

Shocking about the poor doggies 😞 how horrible xx

Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

Ahhhh such a shame you didn’t get your magnet. Did you find any shops? There’s a cute little place down a little lane opposite the pier which I would have thought would have had magnets. Or if you come five minutes back from the sea front there’s a road called Hill Road with a few nice little shops.

Let me know if you ever come again and I can point you in the right direction!

And Herefordshire isn’t far at all really. I went to uni in Worcester so was up that way a bit when I was younger! (God I suddenly feel really old thinking how long ago that was!)


Tugsgirl in reply to Franco81

Haha. I know what you mean.

Yea we’re about half hour from Hereford and half hour from Worcester.

We came away from Clevedon magnet-less unfortunately. I must have asked in at least five shops but no joy 😕 They all said they didn’t know of anywhere that sold them but we could try x,y,z.. I gave up in the end. We plan on going next summer maybe because we see you have a great looking outdoor pool. Didn’t bring our bathers this time lol xx

Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

How strange, surely magnets are a staple for seaside souvenirs?!! Maybe I should open a magnet shop here, we’ve definitely found a gap in the Clevedon market?

I haven’t tried the pool yet but definitely planning it, it does look inviting on a sunny day! X

Tugsgirl in reply to Franco81

I’ll be sure to come back and purchase some magnets from your shop hehe 😉 xx

How nice to have the beach on your doorstep! It's certainly been a nice day weather wise! My positive today was finally getting all of our immunology tests back, it has been a long 3 week wait for these! We are hoping that all is okay and we can finally get to transfer again. Lovely to read your positive comments today xxx

you have such lovely positives 💜💜💜so I did my first volunteer shift today in a local community space helping the elderly who are lonely by coming in for a cuppa and seeing ozzy...it was so fulfilling to be the light in some lonely folks day and ozzy was amazing so bought him a pigs ear as a treat. .I love him so much and am so grateful to have my fab furbaby who is now a working dog😂then I went to a friends house to give her interior design advice..a career I would have loved if I had talent and confidence..now out for a lovely meal with my boys on our local and funky wee band come on..happy days..love to all...please share positives it really does help focus the mind as this is a long old slog xxx

PenRight80 in reply to vic77

Yay Ozzy - it goes to show everyone can make a difference. Lovely xx

Love this message! I had a snooze on a sun lounger this morning in my back garden! ☀️ 🙌 and although my husband is away at the moment I’ve been enjoying catching up with old friends 😊 Xx

I went to a 15th wedding anniversary party and although I didn’t know many people particularly well, the people I sat with were fun, warm and great company. And the chocolate dessert was out of this world.

Love these posts. Such a great idea. Happy Sunday everyone xxx

How weird, I didn't see this post until now. I have had a lovely day and feel very proud of myself for going out 3 x this weekend - yes three 3 course meals (I overbooked myself by accident and don't usually go out that much)! I didnt drink any alcohol besides a sip to toast a 50th. Go smug me! Ha ha.

First scan tomorrow and then I will be starting the progynova. Woo hoo xx

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