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Boobs stopped hurting

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Been ttc for 3 years and have just found out that we have conceived naturally (approx 5 weeks) . I had a mc 2 years ago and the first sign was that my boobs stopped hurting. My boobs have been hurting for days and they have stopped this afternoon, I’m just so worried that is going to happen again! Anyone had boobs stop hurting and every be ok?

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Hi Hun, I had 2 missed miscarriages & kept my sore boobs with both of those, until after I had my D & C the second time. I'm 29 weeks pregnant now & had hardly any symptoms at all after I got my BFP with this pregnancy ( had lots of cramps though to worry me ) . I really hope everything works out well for you. xx

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Thank you, that makes me feel better. It’s so hard to be excited because I just fear the worst :(

Congratulations to you xx

Hey this happened to me, nothing to worry about! Currently 7 months pregnant x

Hi I was the same boobs stopped being sore then miscarriage although I’m told that it was coincidence. My boobs seem to be less sore some mornings then worse later in the afternoon/evening. I asked the nurse about this yesterday and they said it’s really common for things to fluctuate also in some days you may feel sick and not on other days. The progesterone for me is booby killer and they start getting sore of and on from day 3 of using even before transfer. Hopefully your a bit more reassured. Good luck xxx

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Thank you that does help. We have been having Ivf but this has happened in between cycles. I feel like in a way I wish I was having the progesterone like with Ivf feel like I’d feel more reassured, don’t know why 🙈 x

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I think we look to much into things as this whole journey makes us mad lol. Fingers crossed for you xxx

No advice on this as I've not got that far but please don't panic, hoping everything goes on to be very well for you. Xx

Same happened to me with my first after 8 yrs of ttc! All symptoms just disappeared at 8 weeks but all was well ☺️ Had an early scan and the lady said the placenta had taken over and that’s why I wasn’t feeling symptoms anymore x

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I haven’t got much advice to offer but I have heard that symptoms can come & go during early pregnancy. Sometimes symptoms don’t kick in till much later.It’s still early days try not to worry ( easier said than done) Some women don’t have any symptoms pregnant my mother in law in is one- she didn’t have any in 3 pregnancies & had 3 healthy sons!!!Everyones pregnancy will be different xoxo

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