Nearly time to test and symptoms have all gone

I am testing on Tuesday, the first week of the 2ww I had cramping 3 days after a 5dt and my boobs started hurting. Last week I have cramping 8 days after and boobs have slowly hurt less and less as the days have gone on. Has anyone still got a + result when symptoms have just about disappeared? I am getting so nervous about doing this test.

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  • Good luck babes! I've got a week to go! X

  • Thank you. Good luck to you, hope your week goes quickly xx

  • I'm not at this stage yet, hoping for transfer tomorrow but wanted to reply and just say try to stay positive. I am hoping it will just be your body getting used to all the changes and everything you have been through. I have everything crossed for you. Keep us posted xx good luck x

  • Thank you and good luck for tomorrow, hope everything goes to plan. Are you having a 3 day or 5 day transfer?

  • 5 day of it happens tomorrow. I am showing signs of mild ohss so the doctor is going to examine me tomorrow. I hope I am better by tomorrow so it can go ahead. I have everything crossed for you, you must be going out of your mind but keep telling yourself its all worth it xxx good luck x

  • Hi Gem, I know how you are feeling, I had all the same symptoms on my 1st week and now I only have cramping from day 8. I did get very tearful yesterday with it all , I am due to take my test tomorrow. Wishing you lots of luck , it's been a tough journey but hopefully be worth it in the end for us both xx

  • Good luck to you Sharon, let's hope we both get good news this week. Fingers crossed xx

    Mrsmc hope it happens for you tomorrow xx

  • Hi! Good luck Gemma, finger cross for you.

  • Thank you hop

  • I read so much on here from ladies who are (understandably) focussing so much on their symptoms. Having been there myself I totally understand, but truly, everyone is very different and every treatment (and pregnancy!) is also very different. There really is no point in comparing to other people, and you HAVE to just try and relax and hold out until test day. I know it is hard but maybe each time you are tempted to google your latest perceived symptom, you can get up and go for a walk for 5 mins instead? x

  • Thank you katrina. Been really busy today so kept my mind of things. Only a couple more hours to wait.

  • Good luck Gemma... I expect you have already tested!

    Don't forget to keep us posted :)

    Luck luck luck!!! Xx

  • Good luck love hope you get a positive result xx

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