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Feeling broken 😢


So today was test day after the nightmare that is the 2ww. The test was negative, I did another 2 and they were negative too (really don’t know why I thought that they would be any different)

I feel completely numb and broken. It doesn’t feel real and like it’s really happening. It’s so hard to try and get your head around why it hasn’t worked.

All the hoping, wishing, positive thinking, imagining what could be just gone and dashed in a matter of minutes.

I really hope that things are going better for all of you other ladies. Xx

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I'm so sorry for you. I can't imagine how you must feel. Hopefully you're able to try again when you're ready. Sending you big hugs. Xxx

Sometimes there are no answers and I don’t know if that makes it better or worse but I’m so sorry for your bfn xx


I’m so sorry. BFN are truly awful. Hope when it feels less raw you can make a new plan and feel better ❤️xoxo


So sorry. Sending love x

Im really sorry, bfn's are so hard! Big hugs.xx

So sorry to read this sending you a huge hug. Take some time to get your head round it. Your allowed to feel sad. I know we all go into this thinkingvth worst but deep down we have hope or we wouldn’t do it. Xxx

I’m so sorry 💔

I am so sorry to read this. Take time to heal and then hopefully you will have success the next time. Do you have frozen embryos? Xx

Jebby86 in reply to Camillage

Yes, we have 3 frozen embryos xx

Camillage in reply to Jebby86

Ok. That's great. That means you don't have to go through all the stabbing again (sorry my pet term for the injections). Also, your body won't have been through all the pressure of producing tonnes of eggs the next time and some research shows that can be more successful for that reason.

Big hugs for you both. You will get there xxx

Awww I'm so sorry to hear BFNs suck! Please take care of yourself and do some spoiling if you can you deserve it xxx

I'm so sorry xxx

Aw this is awful! Just try to go through the feelings sweetie. Sending you a huge hug and lots of love xxx

I'm so so sorry.

I totally understand how you feel as I had a bfn on Wednesday. It's just awful and no-one deserves it.

Take care of yourself/ xx

Jebby86 in reply to genten

Thank you. I’m so sorry for your bfn too. It’s completely rubbish and unfair xx

I’m sorry to read this. I feel your pain as I had a negative outcome this week too. It’s rubbish! 💕 xx


I'm so sorry. Time does heal I know it doesn't help to say that but it honestly does. Cry get it out hug each other xxx lots of love to u both xxx

I'm so sorry xx

So sorry 😪 I know your pain. Sending you lots of love 💕 at this devastating time 💕

So sorry to hear this, bfn's are truly awful, take time out and be kind to yourself X

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