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Happy moment of the day!


On my way home from work today I needed to stop and take my dog for a walk so stopped at Ashton Court Estate (an Estate of lovely big grounds) which is basically half way home. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I was wearing flip flops and it was raining plus I can’t find my coats in my piles of unopened boxes from when we moved house so I’d borrowed a little mac from my Mum! (Just to set the scene!)

But when I got there, although it was wet it wasn’t cold so I walked through the grass getting wet feet and took my hood down so I could feel the rain and tried to take it all in as a moment to cherish. Then a lady came past with her two dogs on roller skates (her, not the dogs!) and we had a brief chat. It just made me stop and think how lucky I am to be able to have these moments and even though all is not perfect in my life, the fact there are moments of happiness is something to be grateful for.

Cheesey I know but completely true and it’s a step in the right direction that I was even able to feel that way, a few weeks ago I would have probably trudged along complaining about the rain and the chore of having to walk the dog in flip flops!!

Been looking forward to hearing some positives all day too xxx

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Hey Hun I love that..yes sometimes we just need to stop and be present. I been working at home all day as the wind battered the house and me and my dog cuddled on the sofa. I also felt so uplifted by the girls on here’s messages to my post about my clinic closing. I emailed our consultant to say thanks for everything and how we were so grateful for her care and compassion and she emailed straight back to say how much my message meant to her..it reminded me that all too often we forget to give folk positive feedback in their work.I know all I get is grief and shouted at so i wanted to give her some positivity after what I am sure has been a tough time for her too worrying about her job...now chilling in bath🛀 Bliss xxxx

Franco81 in reply to vic77

Ah that is so lovely. We really do forget to acknowledge the good sometimes, especially when we’re having a hard time, but we all need to be appreciated. And it’s a lovely feeling giving that to someone else isn’t it.

I really hope this is the start of a positive step for you. Enjoy your bath xx

Dogs on roller skates! 😂

I got taken out for a nice lunch at work today 😃 proper treat! Xx

Your walk with the dog sounds lovely 😊 (except I hate daddy long legs and there’s way too many of them about for me to dream of walking in flip flops in the grass 😂🤭🤢).

Technically my positive for today may count as tomorrow’s too but mine is; feeling loved. I got home from work and fell asleep on the sofa. Hubby covered me with a blanket while he went outside to supervise the buns while they were free roaming. While I was cooking tea tonight he offered to cook tomorrow night (without me having to ask him). He has also offered to ferry me from one job to the other tomorrow otherwise it’s a half hour walk between jobs (I don’t drive). In fact he’s been so nice I asked him if he’d done something wrong 🤔😂 (he hasn’t) xx

vic77 in reply to Tugsgirl

lol I love that..he's a star ur hubby xxx

Tugsgirl in reply to vic77

I know. Just don’t tell him. He’s got a big enough head as it is 😂😂😂 xx

vic77 in reply to Tugsgirl

your secret safe with me 😂xx

Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

Wow, you’ve got a good one there, so nice to have someone taking care of you. And without even asking! Can I give him my hubbys number so he can pass on a few tips?! Lol

Tugsgirl in reply to Franco81

Haha sure. You know you wouldn’t think my hubby was paralysed would you? He is amazing xx

Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

He really is x

Your doggy walk sounds perfect. Really grabbing those moments between every single finger and grabbing on to how good it felt. Brilliant!

Today I did my 450 mile round trip for a meeting. Instead of my usual (spending the entire time making work calls and ‘really utilising my time’) I thought sod it and turned my work phone to voicemail and only accepted calls from my personal one and listened to a full audio book! Time for ME!! Xxx

Today we hugged with my husband and it was as if we're ourselves again like when we first started dating 8 years ago, that moment of sparkle and connection. Best moment of today.

vic77 in reply to Kiedy84

Oh I love that 💜💜💜again just being in the moment xxxx

As dull as it sounds, mine was that I got my hair coloured, no more greys for a few weeks!! Xx

ShinyStar in reply to Sweets1

No no not dull, LOVE getting my hair done! No more greys always makes me happy too!! 😂😬🤗 xxx

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