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Frozen transfer


Hi, I conceived my son naturally in 2013 and I now have unexplained secondary infertility. My husband and I have been trying since Oct 2015 and we had our first round of ivf with a fresh transfer in July which failed. I'm due to try with a frozen transfer in October. Does anyone have any experiences with a frozen transfer being more successful then a fresh? X

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I’ve had two fresh bfns and three fets; two bfps and a bfn. So my success rate with fet is slightly better. It is generally easier on the body xx

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Aww thanks for replying. I have heard mixed things about both. But like you said having frozen transfer is less stress on the body. X


My fresh cycle was unsuccessful. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant following a frozen single embryo transfer. There is some research going on at the moment as to whether frozen transfers may be more successful than fresh (the e-freeze study). Good luck! X

There is some evidence to suggest it may be more successful than fresh as your body has had time to recover from the harsh drugs and egg collection. Good luck!xx

Just to second the opinions above, from the research I've read a FET might actually be more successful x

I had a fresh transfer and got a BFP but then had a miscarriage. I went on to have an FET and got a positive and now have a baby girl. The FET was so much less stressful xx

This has given me hope xx

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