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Let’s get this before Parliament


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Come on ladies and gents,

Let’s support this petition and get the issue of the great IVF postcode lottery before Parliament and try and get some fairer access to treatment and funding in the UK!

Scream, sign and share!

I’ve slapped this all over social media this morning and the response has been wonderful.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of love and laughter despite the dark times



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Done and shared, well done for organising this! I believe 100,000 signs and it gets to go to parliament :-) keep up the good work

Kezbag in reply to Babyblues1

Sadly I can’t take any credit for organising this - it’s all down to ivfbabble.com and fertilitynetworkuk. But in the last couple of hours its gained over 3000 signatures so we’re doing something right by sharing and getting the word out eh?!

Loads of love xxx

Done x

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