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Rocco’s update


Hello, just a quick post to say thank you all so much I really don’t know how I would have been able to get through this week without all of your messages and prayers 😊 so little Rocco is a week old now he’s on hourly feeds at 0.5 mils which I’m told is really good he’s just had another brain scan and the bleeding has stopped and is very slowly starting to disperse, he’s starting his heart treatment today too! He’s stable and being a good boy 😊 I keep trying to get a picture with his eyes open but he’s to quick to go back to sleep 😴💙💙 I truly feel so lucky not only to have Rocco still with us but to have such lovely people in my life 💕💙 xx

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What a true little fighter 💙 Sounds like he’s making such good progress. I’m so pleased for you. He’s absolutely gorgeous xx

Wow that’s such wonderful news. I’ve been looking out for your updates and thinking of you and your strong little Rocco.

Sending love and I hope he continues to get stronger and stronger x

Ah! He’s so lovely! So pleased for you. A week is such a milestone! Enjoy a little celebration today. You’ve earned it. x


He is beautiful! So glad to hear this update. He seems to be getting better every day 💙💙💙💙💙

Wonderful news. Look forward to more updates as he makes more and more progress xx

Amazing news, you have been amazingly brave xxxx

Awww bless him the little sweetheart! I have been waiting for an update been thinking about him. This is great news keep it up Rocco you little champ!! 😘 you must be so proud of your strong wee boy 💙💙💙💙💙

Thank you so much for the update you and little Rocco have been in my thoughts a lot seems like he is doing really well which is great news hope you are taking care too and resting where you can x

Extremely happy to see this bless him. He's so lovely, thanks for keeping us updated hun, look at what a difference a week makes. Take care hun you know where I am xxxxx 💙💙💗💖💝😘

That is amazing news. I'm so glad he is making such good progress.

Still keeping you both in my thoughts. X


So pleased to see a positive update on Rocco. He is absolutely beautiful x

Amazing news. Keep on fighting little guy and sending you and your hubby lots of courage and positive vibes 🌈


So happy to hear good news from you xxx

So pleased to hear this.

He is so cute!! God bless him with good health and tons on smiles!! Xoxo

Wow what a fighter, isn’t he amazing, and all the medical staff xxx

He’s a little fighter I will be praying for him and you tonite god bless xxx


He’s beautiful x really pleased for u been checking for updates xx sending u love x

What a lovely picture of the little man. So pleased to hear he's doing well and progressing every day.xx

Oh that's great I hope he continues to grow from strength to strength. Praying for you, big hugs xxx

This is such great news. He is such a gorgeous little trooper ❤️ sending you loads of love & positive vibes 💕🌈

Oh this little boy is going to move mountains! He is a true little warrior 💗. Sending lots of positive vibes and Love xxx

Oh I’m so pleased he is doing well, been thinking of you all. He is totally beautiful and looks a lot stronger in the photo. Hope he keeps going from strength to strength. You truly do have a little fighter xx

What a little fighter he is! Sending lots of love and positive vibes 🌈🌈🌟 xxx

Glad his doing well, xxx


A week is a huge milestone he’s one strong beautiful little man. Look after yourself and be proud your such a wonderful mummy 💙💙💙

So pleased for you! I’ve been checking in to see if there are any updates! X

wow he has changed loads in a week and is such a strong wee boy...sending so much love and strength to you all xxx

Amazing 💙💙💙 he truly is a little fighter!! Have been thinking of you the past few days so came on here this morning to see if there were any updates. And what a wonderful update to read 😁 ! Xxx

He is beautiful. He can do this the little fighter xxxx 💙


Saying a prayer for your little fella and for you, both of you are so strong and inspiring. xx


Hi Kitkat82. Lovely update of precious little Rocco. When he's tucking into a T-bone steak when he's older, you can remind him of his tiny, tiny feeds! Keep going sunshine, we're all so proud of you and his mum and Dad. Diane xx

So pleased for you, glad to hear you’re continuing to get good news on his progress. What a brave little fighter you have there xxx


Big hugs to you and your tiny boy xxx

Beautiful boy! I am so pleased to read your update. Super news Rocco is improving. Trusting and praying he continues to get stronger day by day. How are you keeping? Hope you are recovering ok from childbirth. Take care and thanks for update on your precious little boy.xo

Ahhh lovely update Kitkat! So pleased he's doing so well. Hope you're doing ok too!xx

So happy for u

Big hugs to Rocco xxxx

Hope u r doing better


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