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Fly to Cyprus next week

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Off to Cyprus next week for 3rd go at Ivf , this time with donor eggs after 2 cycles failed in Liverpool with own eggs. Should be excited but feeling nervous as can’t shake off that dreaded feeling you get when it’s a bfn!!! I remember it all too well. Need to perk myself up and find some positivity . Prob the low feeling I’m having could partly be due to the hormones , they’re making me feel very tired .

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Snap mine didnt work in Liverpool too either so i am off to Cyprus now in October for my 3rd go. Good luck Xxx

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I’m going through clinic on the Wirral with links to famagusta ! I know we stand much better odds over there so fingers crossed x

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I’ll keep you posted one2one on how it goes x

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Thanks Lollypop74 did they say whether you can use the pool at all?! Weve got a hotel with a pool but not sure whether we can use it xx

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Apparently the clinic over there gives you a list of do’s and don’t s after transfer! Although I’ve seen few ladies in here that were told no swimming! So I’m expecting the same advice ! X


Congratulations on getting this far. I found a huge difference with the donor egg process in terms of success. The chances of success jump massively and that in itself I took as a way to relax a little more. Then I learned about PUPO - once you have transfer you are pregnant until proven otherwise - which also was a change of mindset for me. Wishing you all the very best. Xxx

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement 😘I hadn’t thought to imagine I’ll be pregnant after the transfer!!! But that’s a positive thought to have so I’ll keep remembering that 😊 xx

Hi Lollypop, I think we shared a few comments a few months back. I hope your trip to Cyprus goes well. We made the decision to move to donor eggs and currently have 10 fertilised eggs in an incubator, hopefully with a transfer on Sunday. I agree it's a very odd feeling and the effects of the estrogen patches (varying anger/tiredness /weepy) don't help either. All I wanted to do yesterday was lie on the sofa watching old cowboy films (for some inexplicable reason). Please do let me know how you get on. Best of luck xxxx

Yes I remember you 😊 . Yes the mood swings and tiredness is hard while working I feel like shutting my eyes all day long , clock watching till time to go home, shower and put pjs on . 10 fertilised eggs is fantastic an sounds very promising, most eggs I got from my own cycle was 4 so I’m hoping for more with donor eggs ! , good luck for Sunday I’ll be thinking of you xx

Hmmm shower and pj's sounds sooo good. Ah well you can have a nice snooze on the plane soon ! 😁 please let me know how you get on.

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

How exciting! Cyprus! Your be ok. Wishing you the best of luck. Xxx

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Wishing you loads of luck for your treatment in Cyprus! Looking at your message below, no you cant swim after transfer so make the most of the water beforehand - I had treatmnet in Athens and got a list of do's and don'ts.xx

Thanks Cinderella , I was thinking I should be ok to swim before transfer xx

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