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Clear blue -bfp


Hi guys

So I tested early again but my official test date is Friday.

I was soo nervous and thought that clear blue would not pick it up.

I got to give my hubby a stick I peed on for his bday he is also shocked.

I really don’t know what to do or think- I have only ever researched infertility.

Clear blue can’t be wrong can it ?

Lots of love and a big thank you to you all for all the support, knowledge and time you have invested we aredefinitely a big family. Without this forum I would have gone mad xx

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Hey strong girl. What brilliant news to see over breakfast. Congratulations. I am so so happy for you and can't even begin to think how happy you both must be xxx

Thank you soo much I’m really confused and shocked I don’t think I ever expected it to work xx

I know how you feel. But we do get there in the end one way or another. You can celebrate with a glass of fizz(y water) xxx

Lol that’s all I can have


Congratulations! 😀😀😀 Love these positive stories when I wake up! 💕

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Thank u soo much

Congratulations!! Yippeeee!xx

Amazing! Congratulations!! xx

Ahhhh yes... good news.... congratulations.... xxx

Congratulations! Such brilliant news! Sending you loads of love 💝 xx

Yay congrats awesome news!! 😍😍😁😁


Brilliant positive news! X

Congratulations xx

It’s not wrong. You have yourself a bfp! xx

Congrats it does come as big shock and if your like me won’t believe it till you see your little one on that scan screen and still then I didn’t believe it’s like a dream congrats again x

Congratulations! I'm only coming in at the end of your cycle but I'm so pleased you have your BFP.

Thank u soo much

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