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8DP5DT - anyone experienced a bad ET?

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I had two good quality blastocysts transferred a week yesterday, I have been worrying a bit about the actual transfer as it was quite uncomfortable and hurt a bit to the point I thought the DR was going to turn around and say he couldn’t do it! The next thing I knew he said it was done and it went well!

This is the first time I had ET abroad

I never experienced ET like this in the UK, it’s always been quite painless.

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Please don’t worry, I’ve had painless ones too but my last one was v painful (God knows why) but it was successful. Wishing you the very best of luck xxx


So my transfer didn’t hurt but the dr was telling the nurse to move the ultrasound on my belly and she kept doing it wrong and not putting it so he could see on the screen what he was doing.

the first transfer I had there were two bright circle ish shapes on the screen and I got a bfn but my next transfer with the useless nurse it look like he smudged or squashed the embryo as it was a long line on the screen and I got a positive. So you never can tell what will happen but it’s very worrying.

Good luck xx

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