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3dt v 5dt success stories


Hi all, I’ve had the phone call to say that 5 of our eggs have fertilised out of 9 🙏🏻. I’m provisionally booked in for Saturday (3dt) otherwise Monday (5dt). I’m just wondering on the success stories on 3dt if this will be the case. This is our last ever go so I’m really praying for it to work 🤞🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Love to you all and baby dust 😘😘😘😘

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I can’t advise I’m afraid either way but want to wish you luck for your transfer ❤️

Thank you x


From my experience most clinics like to go to 5 days and there is a better chance of implantation but that's not say a 3dt would not implant. I had a 5dt and was lucky enough to fall pregnant but a friend of mine had a 2dt with 2 'imperfect' embryos and is 31 weeks pregnant with 1 healthy baby. You can't call It! I'm really hoping it works for you this time. Good luck - will be keeping everything crossed xx

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This gives me hope, thank you. Congratulations on your good news xx

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You have every chance with either 😁 xx

Hi, I’ve always had 3dt because I’ve not had many eggs. They choose 5dt when you have enough eggs to choice from. The benefit is that they have more choice and can therefore choose the strongest one. Obviously this is a big benefit but there should be no different in implantation. They used to always do 3dt until recently. So don’t worry if it’s a 3 day. Good luck x

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated x

My clinic say they prefer the earlier the better to be in their natural environment. I never got many eggs, so always had 3dt, and for my last cycle I only had 2 good quality, so they did a 2dt and I got my bfp. It makes sense to me though if you have more eggs that the ones which get to 5 days and are still good quality are the best and have the most chance of success, and earlier transfer is a bit more of a gamble as you haven't seen them grow as far. Really difficult when different clinics advise different things, it's just a big lottery x

That’s brilliant news to hear, thank you x

I just remembered I’m due my period Saturday also so will this affect anything? x

No, because your cycle will have changed as a result of the drugs you have taken. My clinic always booked me in for a 3dt but converted it to 5dt if things were looking good. Good luck with your transfer! Xxx

Thank you, I’m just scared that I’ll have the transfer and come on my period. So many things go through your brain on this crazy journey 🤔x

My clinic always used to go for 5 day transfer without exception. Until my last cycle where I was given a choice of 3 day/5 day. I decided that when they phoned me the day after EC to tell me how many had fertilised that if I had more than 2 fertilise then I would wait the 5 days. I had 3! Went in on day 5 to be told I had a grade A, C and C-. The A and C were transferred, the C- was given an extra day but wasn't good enough for freezing.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant!! Not sure how many with yet, got another couple of weeks to wait for the scan but, because I had the 5 day transfer they knew so much more about the quality of the embryos so they knew which ones to transfer! x

So it’s a day 5 transfer for me, all 5 embryos are doing great so I’m happy with that 🙏🏻🤞🏻🤗 x wishing you all the luck in the world who’s going through this journey xxx

So happy your embies are doing so well wishing you all the best for transfer and beyond! x

Thank you luv 🤗 same to you xx

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