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Me and my partner are going to through a lot of stress, been together 8 years fell pregnant 3 times and all ended in misscaridges, I’ve been diagnosed with lupus which there is a plan set up for when I do get pregnant but it’s been 2 year since falling and just seems to take ages to fall again, partners semen anaylisis is perfectly fine so got my first appointment with the ivf specialist dr hany mostafa to see where we got next it’s so frustrating.

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Hi Katie, people don't realise how stressful this is. We had a 10 year journey before having our son. If we knew then what we know now it would not have been a 10 year journey. The stress and psychological impact can be huge. Be kind to yourself and each other and don't expect others to understand. I did a short video on what I learnt about stress as a result of our journey. x

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