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Not eligible for funding after all

So, it turns out that we can't be funded for IVF under the NHS because I'm on a Tier 2 work visa and the law was changed last year (welcome to post-Brexit Britain...). I am so angry that nobody told us earlier. Had I known this last year, when we began all of our tests, I would simply have skipped the ridiculous NHS queues and gone straight for private treatment, which is what we have to do now anyway. It's shameful how poorly informed doctors are about this. I'm still swallowing the urge to kick things...

Anyway, since we're now going down the private route, I'm wondering whether anyone has any recommendation for the Newcastle area. My gynae warned me away from some places, but I'd like to hear people's thoughts. PM me please! The more feedback the better as I'm determined not to waste any more precious time! (I'm just going to waste precious money from now on...and the NHS can go and *^%£%$£" itself)

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Hi Tomorrow_1. Don't know what t say, except for I'm so sorry you have been treated this way. I do hope you hear from some others via PM re clinics. If you want me to, I can email you a list of questions for you to go through before you have a consultation. My emails are confidential, so if you want them, I'm at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org Diane


Hello friends .need similar advise.i joined my spouse 2015 in uk .hubby has refugees ILR.we paid surcharge with application with this any NHs was free of cost.here I have done 6 cycles of Clomid but could not be success.was reffered for ivf in barts hospital.where they said hubby has ILR but I'm on spouse visa. They will confirm to home office for funding criteria is eligible or not?any one this kind of situation plz share.


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