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Exercise during DR

Hi Everyone,

I am due to start my DR drugs this Thursday and have just started to think about exercise and whether it’s OK during this time? I normally exercise around 4 times a week, running and weights or HIT at the gym, I also do a yoga class once a week. I’ve looked online and it seems to be mixed, some saying not to and some saying it’s ok if you exercised before. I know during the 2ww I won’t be doing anything but it’s these next few weeks I want to know about really? Has anybody received any advise on this from their clinic?

Thanks Sophie xx

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I exercised regularly during downregulation- like you I had been training regularly for several years. A week into stimulaton, I stopped due to online research but also it was starting to get uncomfortable. There is no right or wrong way- whatever you feel most comfortable with. I got a BFN but I don’t think exercise played a factor in it.


Thank you, I think you’re right. I might just see how I feel. 😊


I asked the nurses if I could carry on with karate. They said yes throughout treatment, but to avoid contact during stimulation.

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