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Melatonine 3mg

Hello, I am tempted to take melatonine during stimulation as adviced in the book "it starts with an egg". I am a really good sleeper and fall asleep very easily and quickly so my sense is that my natural production of melatonine is still good and that I should take melatonine. Still I don't want to jeopardise my chance, I am a very low responder so any help to improve egg quality would be welcome.

Any experience from you?

Would you know very to find quickly Melatonine in the UK. Thanks.

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i was going to ask the same!

i’ve used 5mg intermittently in the past, and it defo helps as i’m not a good sleeper. think i just got on amazon.

i start down-reg on friday & like you, don’t want to do anything to jeopardise round 3, maybe diane could advise?

wishing you lots of luck lovely ✨


Hi Clementinedam. I have heard of more ladies using melatonin and getting better egg retrieval results. However, it should be used before simulation begins. You should really discuss it with your specialist before using it, as there are different opinions on its use. Good luck if you do decide to use it, and of course for success. Diane

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I tried this (bought from the US) and tried it for a week - I normally sleep ok but wanted to top up my sleep and it made my sleep worse!x


Thanks Orla for your feedback. I finally decided not to take it.


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