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3rd progress scan and a 4th booked


Little update from our 3rd progress scan - we had 12 follicles in total now, all between 10 - 13mm. Not a massive jump and still a bit small but my meds have been put up for every other night to 225iu and hopefully on Monday (next scan) our follies have grown to nearly 18mm!!! I had a little cry after my scan but the lovely nurses set me straight and said it's fine, I am sensitive and they want me slow and steady to avoid OHSS. Keeping positive, any tips for helping my follies?? I am drinking pom juice, milk, upped protein and I've been told to rest so I'm doing just that. Hope you're all well xxx

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Grow follicles , grow 🤞🏻

Sounds like you’re doing everything you can. Keep drinking lots of room temp water as well.

Wishing you lots of luck for Monday xx

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Thank you xx


Some people believe that a hot water bottle on the abdomen helps follicles to grow, might be worth a try.

Good luck for Monday x


Worth a try!! I will give it a go, thanks xxx


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