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Can I have a weak ovulation some months?

I do ovulation tests everyday for a week... every month. Sometimes it eventually looks how it's supposed to. And other times it's quite weak. According to 1 blood test. The NHS say I ovulate. But I've had 2 miscarriages in 2 years... That's quite low if what they say is true for every cycle. And my husband's "stuff" is very good according to tests...

I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone. But its on my mind that my issues might be more than they think but just inconsistent.

Anyone had this sort of thing?

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Could it be the time of day you are testing? My clinic told me to test ovulation once a day on a morning, the first month I did not detect ovulation, but the scan at the clinic showed I had ovulated. My acupuncturist told me to test on an evening as well and my ovulation showed on the sticks on an evening!


Thank you. I will try doing it twice in a day on the days I feel like it's happening. Its very hit and miss x


My clinic recommended testing from day 8, if you wait until you think it is happening, then you could miss it.


I was waiting till about day 10. Ok thanks x


You could try temperature charting. You might also like to try a month or too on the more expensive clearblue tests that show up both your oestrogen and your lh surges. An additional benefit of these tests is that they are digital, so no squinting to see if the line is clear or not.

As regards two miscarriages in two years, this would be regarded as normal fertility by my dr. You could also try looking at it another way- how many cycles have you had in the two years? As a result of two miscarriages and one failed ivf, I’ve actually only had 20 cycles in the last 24 months even though my normal cycle length is 27 days. Therefore my rate of pregnancy would be 1 in 10 if you wanted to look at my stats. I don’t think that’s abnormal.


Thank you this is all really helpful. Other than my temp charts also not 100%. But I'll try. Also nice to hear I'm not the only one that's felt this way. Wish you the best x


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