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... my official test day is today and still positive!


... no symptoms but feeling positive and looking forward to my scan day! Just before Christmas...

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Congratulations xxx

Awwww thats really an amazing news to celebrate the Christmas. Congrats..


Congratulations hope u have a happy and healthy pregnancy x

Congratulations and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy xx

Congratulations! X x

Congratulations xxx

Congratulations .lovely news.

Congrats hunny


Congratulations!! :) Don't be bothered with the symptoms they might not even appear and you'll still have an absolutely normal gestation and healthy baby. I don't have a kid yet but my sister had a similar situation with her third child. All she ever had for that pregnancy was getting tired quickly, feeling hungry most of the time, some sleeplessness and soreness in her bursts which she desperately interpreted as pregnancy symptoms. lol It's absolutely normal to not have symptoms.

Congratulations xx

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