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Second Monitoring Scan

Morning Ladies, hope you’re well. So slightly confused, apparently the scan on Friday would of measured all follicles, so I had 13 on each ovary. Today she just measured those that are good enough for collection, I have just 13 with 3 being over 18mm and she said they will still keep growing. They took my blood, and I’m doing trigger tomorrow and collection Thursday depending on oestrogen levels being where they need to be based on blood result. They will call me tomorrow to confirm time of trigger and collection. I’m not feeling great if I’m honest, not sure if that’s any good, she said it is but I’m not convinced. Lining is still thick. X

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I think that sounds good! I only had a few at the right size on the Wednesday and I had collection on the Friday. They expected 5-6 eggs and got 15.

Good luck with collection xx


This sounds ok Chantelle. As they said, by the time that collection comes around they will have grown more which will give time for some of the smaller ones to catch up and mature. They cant afford to wait too long as the longer they leave it the bigger ones only get to a certain size before ovulation and they wont want to lose any of the bigger ones!xx


Try not to worry I only had two big ones and one ok and managed to get 7 eggs. All fertilised and 3 got to blastocyst x


Hi Chantelle89. All sounds good to me! Hope all goes well with egg collection and transfer. Have a good rest after collection and drink plenty of water. Thinking of you. Diane

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