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Almost time

It's a strange feeling .. I know I should be looking forward to egg collection on Friday but I am not .. I just the feel like "get it over and done with "so I can get on with my life ... after our loss in may this year it all feels strange like I know it's not going to work and I want nothing more then a rainbow baby , I guess my hearts not in it this time horrible to say !!!!

What's the point in spending £7k if it's not going to work ... I am sure I shouldn't be thinking stuff like that help !! Do I need a slap round the face or a wake up call

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You don’t need either, it’s just self preservation. I’m beginning to feel the same after our loss in April and September. Good luck for good numbers at EC xx


I think your feelings are totally normal. We had a loss earlier in the year and went straight into a FET. I don't think I was in a good place and felt very negative about it all.

So you are not alone and I am sure there are a lot of ladies on here who have and do feel the same.

I think it is also a self protection mechanism.

Try not to stress that you are feeling like this. Maybe just acknowledge these feelings and don't beat yourself up.

A bit of IVF mindfulness might help.

Good luck for EC.


Good luck for Friday. You could perhaps try some mindfulness to get into a more positive head space but I know what hard after a loss. You just want to protect yourself. If you did want to try the trick the mindful ivf app is good xx


Hi ROsemary76. You and probably of ladies here feel/felt the same way as you are feeling now, especially after suffering a miscarriage, or maybe more. Of course your scared, that is only normal. I just wanted to wish you huge success with egg collection on Friday, and make sure you drink plenty and have a good rest afterwards. Thinking of you. Diane


Egg collection is put back till my eggs are not big enough ! Got 13 of them but they are slow !

And breath ...........


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