8dp3dt really bad cramps :(

Hi everyone I'm 8dp3dt fet, starting yesterday I've been getting bad cramps on and off I've even had to go to bed tonight no bleeding but really sharp cramps v sore has anyone ever had these and got a bfp this is my second ivf cycle my last one was 7 years ho which sadly failed I bled on 10dp3dt :'( love and baby dust to use all Tia xx

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  • Cramps are normals during this time as there's a lot that's changing in your body at the moment. I got a lot of cramps during my 2ww. I'm going to keep everything crossed for you.


  • Thank u so much 4 replying it's just cause there so strong and going down my legs that they r worrying me did u get ur bfp?? Xx

  • Yes I got a BFP and I am 7 weeks now. My cramps were really bad too, especially in my back, I remember I even jumped once as it was a strong pull....

  • That's we're they r 4 me too on my lower bk and going down my legs sucha emotional roĺlercoaster this wen did u get ur bfp?? Wat day if u dont mind me asking xx

  • I started testing early as I had no patience, heheheh. My first test was on day 4 which was a BFN, then I ordered the cheapie ones off the net which has 12.5 HCG sensitivity and I received them on day 6, that's when I got the second line on those, day 9 I got the second line on the frer ones too. Xx

  • Hi Leanne, I am 8dp2dt and I am feeling similar to you - I have had cramps all the way through and I really felt like today it felt like the dreaded AF. I am keeping everything crossed for the both of us! Let me know how you go on test day xx

  • Aww it's awful there going right down my legs I've had to take 2 paracedomal really wish u all the best of luck there's no bleeding so far so that's the only thing keeping me sane my odt is halloween wen is yours??xx

  • Mine is the day after you, good look and I hope the pain stops, sounds awful! Xx

  • Hey Leanne how are you today? Have you gotten through it ok? I am relieved it'd finally the weekend and only 5 more sleeps til test day.

  • Hi I've actually not been too bad today no cramps only dull ache but nothing now so fingers crossed the witch will stay away 🤞🤞 yes thank goodness how r u xx

  • I had really awful cramps through my 2ww and got a BFP last week so so try to stay positive xx

  • Did u were they going down ur legs I had to take paracedomal did u think it was game over ?? Congrats on ur bfp xx

  • I didn’t have them down my legs but I was in real pain in my abdomen. And yes I took paracetamol too it’s fine to do that. Your body is going through a lot so just try and rest up if you can. Everything crossed for you xx

  • And yes I was feeling utterly hopeless about it and expected to see my period whenever I went to the toilet. But by day 9 I suddenly regained a bit of hope. Try and hold off testing if you can xx

  • This has given me so much hope wat day of transfer we're u ?? Wen did u test i tested yesterdsy cud kick myself for it 🙈 bfn 😭 thank u so much 4 replying xx

  • I was in considerable pain on and off from day 5 to day 9 I think. Did you have lots of eggs collected? That can really make it all more painful. Don’t lose hope. Xx

  • I actually am I freeze all I had my 2nd cycle in July had a spike on my progesterone meaning freeze all had 4 frosties this wee one is the only 1 to survive the thaw hoping this is the little fighter out of ten xx

  • Well it certainly sounds like it’s a strong’un! I know it’s so hard to do but try and be positive- stress (cortisol?) is really bad for your body so try and be strict with yourself on providing your little embryo with lots of good energy! Xx

  • I will do thank u xx

  • Just hope you're doing ok on the 2ww. I'm on day one! I've read that cramping badly like AF can still lead to a BFP, and you're not bleeding so try and relax xxx

  • Yep absolutely.

  • I really hope so thank u and good luck to u keep me posted 💗 xx

  • Hi sorry only replying now thankfully the cramps have eased off today had a dull ache but gone really wish u all the best on your journey good luck 😚 xx

  • I still have cramps on and off, perfectly normal, keeping everything crossed for you xx🤞💗💙🌈👣

  • Thank u they ave went away today getting sun now and again really hope the witch stays away 🤞🤞🙏 aww how far along r u xx

  • I am 7weeks 💋💋

  • Just a wee update ladies sorry it has took so long to reply r 2nd cycle wasn't successful so onto round 3 next month thank u 4 ur love and support xx

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