Hi I don't like to brother you ladies with things like this but I know how supportive you all are. I've been told one of my twins has too much fluid around it (polyhydramnios) and the other one has fallen off the growth chart and is small! I've been referred to a fetal medicine clinic for further scan and tests. Of course I've googled the hell out of it and scared myself silly with what it could be. Has anyone else had this? I know a few ladies on here have had twins and more Xx

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  • I’m sorry I’ve not heard of this. But wanted to wish you all the best xx

  • Awwww hun sorry I can't offer advice. But just wanted to send you some hugs and love. 💗🤗😘

  • Wishing both your twins all the best of luck xxx

  • Ah I have no advice but Google is sometimes your enemy! Wishing you all the best and take care xxxx

  • No advice hunny but just want to wish you and your twins all the best, maybe message Diane she may of herd of it xx

  • Really sorry to hear this. .

  • Hope your ok. .

  • Have just been reading through all your posts. What happened with this scare? I see the boys are here now but interested to know what happened at your referral, what was discussed and did anything come of it? Xx

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