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Time is running and I can't afford to do breaks between ivf cycles

Am 41 going to be 42 soon

I went to turkey to do Ivf the 2 cycles failed but I do have frozen embryos. My second cycle just ended with BFN and am going for my frozen ones . Is it good idea to do this straight after failed fresh ivf cycle . I feel if I waited i will get afraid and have cold feet . Any advise???

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Are you using your own eggs or donor? I'm 43 and had 2 attempts this year so far and failed xx


Hi patty

Am using my own

Am starting new job end of this month I told my self better to do it earlier than later before the new job makes me busy plus I don't want my new manager to know about my ivf attempts


You have to go with your instinct on this .. can you mentally and physically cope with it? Would a couple of months really make that much if a difference? I did all mine very close together and was incredibly lucky with the last one but it took its toll and my pregnancy was quite traumatic (though I will never complain ever - I would do it again in a heartbeat) . Really good luck with whatever you choose ..I am proof we older ladies do stand a chance still xx


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