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Cramps and spotting 😞


Feel like I'm loosing my head today girls. I'm 5 weeks pregnant 2 FET, but been having increasing cramps over last few days, worse at night and had pink spotting before bed. Slept off and on and had brown like spotting this morning, been told to early to scan so have to wait until 24/10 for hopefully my 7 weeks scan. This is torture. Wish at times I hadn't put myself through all this because the constant unknown is crippling me. I'm normally a positive person but this is getting too much for my little brain xxx

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Hang in there - I’m sure it’s just your body adjusting. Spotting is verycomion in early pregnancy. I know it must be scary though. Xxx

Hold on, dear! I totally understand you... It's a torture, especially when you can't do anything about it :( Try not to get upset this much... Maybe it's just your body reaction and there's no threat to the little one. Also, you could search for some information on how to deal in this situation, what steps to make. My thoughts are with you!

Allybally81 in reply to Hannah_J

Thanks girls, just so difficult, I'm taking time off work as can't work like this, all I can do is rest and hope I guess xxx

I think that's really wise. Keep resting and we are all rooting for you and your embies x

I think it’s sensible to rest up xxx


Hang in there, I bleed for 3 weeks (at 6 weeks) some brown some bright red and I am now 23 weeks xx

Aw it’s constant worry isn’t it, I’m sure you will be fine my lovely as brown blood is usually normal! If it gets redder i would contact your clinic but just rest up and look after yourself 💗✨🍀 xxx

Thanks everyone, it's varied from pink to brown, this chat is lovely isn't it! Soz! It's so hard as hubbie has left for work for 3 weeks so I'm sat worrying on my own, this place is a constant support though xxx

Hey! i wish you all the best and hope it isnt anything bad!

Im 6 weeks today, i had an early scan at 5+3 and they said they saw a bleed next to the sac, they saw the sac and a fetal pole? but no heartbeat because i think it was to early! I think sometimes having a scan to early causes more worry and stress, i have another scan booked for Thursday, so im hoping to feel a bit more at ease!

I have also started spotting since yesterday, woke up with brown on my pantyliner! i was so scared, then didn't get any all day then again early hours of this morning it happened again but more than before then again nothing really all day, sort of like brown snot but that's it.

I read somewhere that between week 6 & 10 that's when the placenta is attaching its self onto the uterus so it could be that and there is a lot more it could be!

Again all the best keep us updated :) xx

Allybally81 in reply to Rubidge

I had two embryos transferred so I'm hoping the pain worse as there could still be two there getting comfy. Thanks for messaging xx

Rubidge in reply to Allybally81

Oh good luck with them 2 little babies! exactly what you said there probably just burrowing right in there :D xx

I had bad cramps right up until 8/9 weeks I am now 19 weeks 🙏👶. Cramping is totally normal as long as not accompanied with fresh red bleeding your body is adjusting baby is still burrowing in and everything is stretching it would be odd to have have cramps!! Do you have a local EPU you could go to as they will scan you Wishing you all the Best xx

Allybally81 in reply to E8989

I had to call my assisted conception unit but the nurse said it's best to wait for the 7 week scan as scanning just now wouldn't likely confirm anything either way. So it's just a waiting game xxx

E8989 in reply to Allybally81

My epu did scan earlier but guess each one is different in what they do. They do say that at 7 weeks Heartbeat should be seen wishing you all the best xxx

I know this is a little late to reply, I hope everything is ok! Don't let them fob you off! I just had an ectopic pregnancy and I was six weeks and they saw the heartbeat before I had to have surgery :'(. So keep phoning them! X

Definitely take time off work! It is a worry till 7 week scan but keep positive. Cramps are normal and if it's spotting it's nothing to worry about. But if you're really worried ring your clinic or see gp. Look after yourself x

Thanks everyone, amazing how someone just listening helps xxx

I really hope it’s just one of those things, as worrying as it must be for you.. We’re told so often on this journey that spotting is normal and I know that cramping is normal so fingers crossed 🤞 xx

Allybally81 in reply to Tugsgirl

I'm realistic at the same time though, so early so anything could be happening. I wish I hadn't gone through with this at times, it's heartache at every turn xxx

Tugsgirl in reply to Allybally81

I know what you mean. But if you don’t try you’ll always be asking “What if?” xx

Allybally81 in reply to Tugsgirl

Yeah that's why I did it, last chance as no more embryos and to be honest at 36 and with years of this heartache behind me I need to move on. Hope your feeling a bit better xxx

Tugsgirl in reply to Allybally81

I am. Whatever happens I hope you’ll be ok too. At least you have done your best, given it your all, no one can do more than that xx

Fingers crossed your embryos are just getting nice and comfy. Good luck at your next scan xx

Try not to worry. It might just be implantation. As long as you have no heavy bleeding it sounds normal. I had all sorts of cramps and twitches from week 5. Good luck! X

I had af type cramps ever since the 2ww. When i sneeze I get a stabbing pain in my groin area that is so bad I can hardly catch my breathe.

My friend has had bleeding throughout the first trimester and all is still well.

These symptoms we get could really do with being something completely different than af type symptoms. Perhaps an aching elbow?

Fingers crossed for your scan x

I'm also getting stabbing pains in my groin!! It scares me. How many weeks are you now? Xx

32+4 today.

The stabbing they say is round ligament stretching. Just starting to get big now and turning over quickly at night is agony.

Oh wow, congratulations! You are way ahead of me :-) I'm only 4 weeks 3 days! So maybe it's too early for the stabbing pain - very strange! It really only happens when i sneeze though...xx

I had the stabbing pains right after the 2ww. Even at 4 weeks things are starting to stretch. The bean maybe small but the uterus is growing.

Google round ligament pain and see if it fits.

Thank you, It does sound like that! Xx

Pain gone today which then makes me equally worried! I can't stop testing aswell! Still showing as positive, this process has me round the twist!!! Xxx

Tugsgirl in reply to Allybally81

I know... and people think the tww is bad... xx

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