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1 week down, 1 to go...

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Morning everyone, how are u all today? Today I’m 7DP3DT and I’m quite chuffed I’ve managed to refrain from testing so far! It’s not easy though is it?! We’re not due to test into Oct 12th and that feels like a lifetime away. We’ll probably go for it at the weekend...

Any other 2WW’ers with symptoms? Mine seem to have all gone and I’m feeling just... normal. I shall maintain positive PMA however and soldier on...

Good luck to u all! 🤞 xx

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Hey I’m 8dp5dt, all my symptoms seemed to have gone apart from the odd cramps here and there which last for a couple of minutes (feel like mild AF cramps). I haven’t had any implantation bleeding. Also haven’t tested, I am scared to as I don’t want to see another BFN so am holding out as long as possible! Sending you lots of baby dust Xx

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feewares in reply to ICSIRose

Hi S_Rose, ooh ur a day ahead of me! Well done for not testing. I’ve bn having wee shooting twinges in my lower right abdomen today. Not sure what it is, if anything, but I’m hoping it’s a good sign. My OH is not being very helpful and keeps suggesting that we just take a test!! How are u now? Any symptoms today?

Baby dust to u!! Xx

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ICSIRose in reply to feewares

Doesn’t it feel like we over analyse every single thing? I’ve managed to get out today and have lunch with a friend it was a nice distraction so am doing the same tomorrow with another friend, that will get me through until Friday. My DH and I have decided to do a test on Sunday morning (I’m not going to lie I’m worried)!

I’m good and haven’t had any symptoms really just a bit of bloating that’s it... I’m hoping it’s a good sign! Xxx

Wishing you lots of luck 🤞 X

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feewares in reply to Dream32

Thank you! It’s not easy trying to be patient xx

Hello, I'm also on day 7 and haven't tested so far - it's getting harder and harder though!! I'm fairly sure I will crack this weekend and test on Saturday - I've promised myself I won't buy any tests until Friday night! I also have no symptoms and just feel normal! I really don't know what to think :-/ just praying AF doesn't arrive before then - every time I nip to the loo I'm scared! Best of luck for your BFP !! Xx

Hi Frenchie, ah we’re on the same day! Were u 3DT also? Fresh or frozen? How many did u get? We’re frozen and have two little embies hugging me from the inside. Here’s hoping both of the wee toots make it. Wishing u lots of luck 🤞 xx

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Hi feewares. Oh this 2WW can be a nightmare! Yes, you've done well so far, so try and keep busy while you continue to wait. Symptoms are not always there, so don't worry. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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feewares in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane. It’s really hard not to test when my OH is trying to encourage me to take one! He’s so very excited! Roll on the 12th xx

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to feewares

Hi. Oh bless him! You're in it together, so you will be excited. Wishing you both huge success. Diane

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