Day One of Monitored Cycle

Morning all, as above, today is Day 21 of my cycle and I've started a 'monitored cycle' to test how much medication I will need for our egg donation cycle. Whilst I haven't missed the vile taste of the Synarel spray tricking down my throat, I actually feel a bit excited to be starting again. I have a journal to keep, an appointment with a new acupuncturist (fertility specialist) next week, and am back taking all the supplements I stopped a while back. This will be cycle 5, the first with donor eggs, and I am going to allow myself to hope and dream that it works.

Happy Monday to you all, and a big hug to anyone getting back on the wagon today, wherever you are up to xxx

4 Replies

  • Lovely to read a positive Monday post - sounds like your definitely in the 'right head space' for this cycle. Wishing you lots of luck that this is the one 🤞x

  • Thanks so much!xx

  • Hi Pinky_123. Just wanted to wish you huge luck this time round, and of course for success. Will be thinking of you. Diane

  • I appreciate that, thanks Diane!xx

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