Second time lucky????

Hi everyone, I'm going tomorrow for a 5 day blastocyst transfer after a really good cycle for my age (37, 11 eggs, all fertilised, 6 blastos) but I'm starting to panic.

I've only had 1 round of IVF before (35, 5 eggs only 1 left on day 3) that resulted in our wonderful, amazing, gorgeous 18 month son and I'm thinking am I daft to think it will work twice in a row???

Anyone had 2 successful IVFs????

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  • Hi, I cant comment on two successful ivfs but wanted to wish you lots of luck. We are in a similar situation, im 37 aswell and had two blastocysts transferred yesterday. As ivf has worked for you before id say that got to be a good sign! Hope all goes well x

  • Only got pregnant the one transfer we had with IVF but am 37. My second cycle was also much better than first. First round we had nothing to transfer and second round the first blast transferred made me pregnant and have another 7 frozen. Good luck!

  • That is an amazing cycle and 100 % fertilisation rate! Wow, can you share any pearls of wisdom?

    I had similar success initially too, first cycle worked. I wasn't far off 40, 8 or 9 eggs I think, 6 fertilised and 5 blastos.

    I have a toddler from that cycle and also wondering whether any one has had luck with 2 IVFs...I can't imagine I'd be so lucky twice but i have sibling guilt. I know someone on fertility friends who had just had a successful 2nd cycle.

    Have one frostie but unsure whether to try that or have a fresh cycle, sooner rather than later..

    How many will you have transferred tomorrow? Let me know how you get on. xxx

  • I see you have endo too from your earlier posts.. me too. I am stage 4 so was very shocked at my IVF response. So nice to read happy outcomes xxx

  • So sorry but actually no words of wisdom at all! I actually think that it's probably just that I'm so much more relaxed. Yes I would love a sibling for our boy and another squishy baby but if it doesn't work I'm still a mummy and I'm really lucky to have Jack. It's so much easier 2nd time round.

    I did take inofolic this time and we actually have continued to have regular sex - that's probably the only difference.

    I'm still really nervous for tomorrow as we have agreed that it's a one and only chance and not freezing any.

    I will definitely only be having 1 embryo transfer as both my sister and my brother in law have identical twins, yes I want another baby, no I'm so not strong enough to cope with twins! However, both sets of twins are identical so if it's going to happen it will!!!

  • @Ro5ie has been lucky to get pregnant twice on two rounds I think x

  • Yes, on my third now πŸ€—

  • Assume it will work again, there is no reason it won't work if it worked before. Positivity all the way xxx

  • Hmmm not feeling so positive this morning - only 1 blastocyst to transfer! The grade is not too high either. None frozen.

    Trying to stay positive and have everything crossed.

  • I am in the same situation.. aged 35 successful ivf 14 eggs collected, 4 fertilised, 2 survived to day 5 one couldn't be graded and the other was a 3BC grade. We transferred both back and it resulted in an amazing wee sleep thief of a boy!

    Now I am 37 are just getting the tests and saving the pennies to go round 2!! I keep thinking that we can't be lucky enough for this to work second time too.. I agree that it is much less stressful as we already have a great baby but the fact that we are paying adds pressure!

    We are keeping to try naturally until then as we have unexplained infertility and also doing Accupuncture...

    Keep positive and don't let the grade get you down.. my wee boy is proof that the grade doesn't matter! Good luck xx

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