We made it! 😍😍

We made it! 😍😍

We had our 12 week scan very early this morning at 8am but so pleased we didn't have to wait all day.

Everything was lovely and baby was jumping around and wiggling lots. So so happy I can't concentrate on work today. They kept the due date the same as Fertility Clinic at 9th Feb 2018. Can't wait!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies that gave me hope and advice when I had my two big bleeds it helped a lot xxx

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  • Congratulations. Lovely pic. Hope you enjoy rest of your pregnancy x

  • Congratulations! I'm only 9 weeks along and so, so anxious something is going to go wrong. So in addition to being really happy for you, I'm also really happy to see some good news - gives me hope! Xx

  • Oh I know it's such a horrible waiting game and I've had loads of scans because of my bled and it's still dragged!! Good luck for your scan hope it all goes well xx

  • Aw great pic, isn't it a lovely feeling after all the worry with bleeding etc . My due date is the 8th xxx

  • Just can't actually believe we've made it this far. It's scared me a bit telling everyone today but loving it at the same time! Xx

  • That's exactly how I felt, happy but surreal aswell xxx

  • Ahhh so lovely!!! Xx

  • Ahhh congratulations!! Lovely for you to share your picture!xx

  • Loveky news congratulations you must be so thrilled and relieved xoxo

  • Hi Hydrometmaid-1 Fantastic looking scan. So,pleased for you. Hope all continues to go well. Diane

  • Delighted for you! Everything looks beautiful! It must be such a relief xx

    Mine is next week when I will be 13 weeks...couldn't fit me in before! Very nervous 😬

  • Aw good luck. It's the best feeling! Xx

  • Congratulations. What a clear scan picture x

  • Congratulations!!! So happy for you! I'm about to start this journey and it's so great to see that someone's succeeds!!! Take care! xx

  • Good luck with it all πŸ€ xx

  • Thank you! It encourages a lot :) xx

  • Congratulations and warm wishes to both of you. I can imagine what emotions feel you now, what a joy to see the baby on that small screen. Good luck.

  • Great news xx

  • beautiful ❀ well done

  • Many congratulations! Such a lovely scan picture. X

  • Great picture! I'm 9+5 so still waiting for our scan - so nervous about it all. Congratulations again xx

  • Aw good luck! Xx

  • Well done and huge congrats on your beautiful baby!! xxx

  • Lovely picture ❀️

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