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Natural cycle, ovulation sticks negative

Feeling so frustrated and disappointed. I am due to do a natural (i.e. without meds) frozen transfer this month, following one failed medicated frozen transfer (after OHSS) in the spring. I have been trying to do the natural cycle for 3 months - in June the date fell on a weekend and they didn't have enough staff to do it. I was devastated but understand they need adequate staffing for it to be safe. Frustrating when we are paying for the treatment now. In July, the date fell while we were away on holiday. I was sure my ovulation stick would be positive yesterday but it wasn't, I did three and one out of the three was positive and the others looked close. I spoke to the clinic who said to test again today. I have just tested and it is negative and the line is getting lighter. I am sure I have ovulated as I am fairly regular, had signs with my cervical mucus and the lines were pretty dark on the ovulation tests yesterday. I am sure they will say I can't have the transfer. I am already feeling so frustrated and upset, why does everything keep going wrong for us? We started treatment in December and have only had one transfer, I thought we would be further down the path by now.

Sorry for the long post. I just feel like everything is against us and the hope that builds and then is crushed again and again is killing me.

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Hi Shelly sorry to hear your upset and frustration with delayed treatment and the uncertainty with the ovulationstrips can the clinic not help with a scan or blood tests to do confirm if ovulation will occur? From what Ive read ovulation strips are an indicator of ovulation but not always accurate so I would definitely speak to your clinic for help and advise on this as I know now painful it is waiting month on month. Hope your clinic is able to help.xxx


Yes speak to your clinic. I don't see what the issue is if you had a positive yesterday then they should get you in for a scan which would confirm it xx


Hi ShellyC. Hopefully you will have been scanned, so that you can go ahead with the transfer. I really do hope so. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you all. Spoke to my clinic today and they are happy for me to go ahead with transfer without a scan/bloods as I am pretty sure I peaked on Wednesday and one of the tests was positive. It is so hard not to catastrophise isn't it?! Such an emotional roller coaster this infertility business. So I am booked in for transfer on Tuesday. Thanks for the support xxxx


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