Thanks to this site.......😊

So because of this forum and messaging someone on here that lives close to me we have been able to meet up together and put the fertility world to rights! 😊

So nice to be able to speak to someone in person who understands the ups and downs of fertility and ivf.

If there is anyone on here from the Cheshire area that wants to meet up with us when we next meet then feel free to message. As they say, talking is the best therapy and gives the partners and hubbys a break from all the fertility questions!

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  • Hiya That's so great to hear your news. I would love to speak to someone in my de position but I live in Hampshire. Please keep posting and best wishes x

  • baby2016

    that's lovely, I'm really pleased your connecting with ppl who can share your struggles. Maybe your on to something here? I would have liked the support of a real person in Leeds when we were going through it. Like you say, hubbys don't get it! I think it's a great post! β€πŸ‘

  • Lovely idea. Shame I don't live in Cheshire. I'm lucky that I have someone who I met through Facebook, through our love of a particular band. We met up at concerts and I only discovered she'd done ivf when I started my first round. Now I'm doing my third and she's getting ready for her fifth.. She lives an hour away but that's not too far xx

  • Aw it is a Shame 😒 Put a post on of your area and see who's near you 😊Xx

  • Was great to get together in person. Such a relief to talk to someone open and honestly that understands the whole thing and doesn't just pretend to. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Xx

  • Aw, same to you too! And only 10mins away 😊 Like you said, small world, and even smaller when we've worked at the same place! Haha! xx

  • I know. That is so spooky. I noticed we had a few friends in common on Facebook x

  • Hello, there! This is so lovely. I have found support, hope and encouragement words in this forum too. Is good to have friends who can understand how it feels to struggle with infertility. I live away from you, but I hope we can meet in the future and you can found really good friendships.

    When I was with my IUI treatments, I was feeling alone. I was in need of company, a friend, someone who can understand me. I went to therapy and that helped me a lot, but I was still feeling lonely. But then, I did friends in the clinic and we hang out together. They are passing for different treatments like IVF. Together we are stronger.

    I personally though that we should be together. Infertility is hard and exhausting mentally and physically. If we are together, all the women with this problem, we can give each other the support we need. I congratulation you for this iniciative.

    I wish you the best. Hope soon you can enjoy a beautiful baby.


  • This is a lovely idea glad you had the chance to do this. I am originally from Cheshire but moved to London a few years ago so if anyone in London would like to meet up please message me it would be lovely to meet up with others who I can be myself around xxx

  • Hey

    I've just read your post and realised we might not be to far away. I moved down to London - Essex from Bolton 3yrs ago. I'm currently having my treatment with a clinic in London xx

  • You two need to meet up in London 😊X

  • We're planning to do so thanks to you baby2016 xx

  • Awww brilliant news πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Š keep us updated! Xx

  • Ah that's so lovely, glad you were able to meet - shows what amazing things come from this forum. I often wish their were people nearer to me who really 'got it' x

  • Aww fab idea. Manchester for me :-) x

  • Manchesters not to far from us. We are near junction 19 m6, so we could arrange a half way meeting? 😊Xx

  • Think it's a great idea & would be lovely to have support in person. I'm in Somerset if anyone on here is around this area?

  • Put a separate post on asking for people in sommerset. I bet there will be someone 😊Xx

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