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Needing support and hope

Not sure really what I'm posting or why. Just feeling so sad and have no motivation. There's been another baby boom, so that maybe why. I'm just so fed up. I've spoken to an old friend and two others online and boom they're pregnant that following month, yet I'm still waiting.

I've been messed about by nhs with my endometriosis diagnosis and had to firce them to tell me. I'm starting a new holistic approach programme but I'm so unmotivated. I'm tired and fed up. Been feeling like thisfor a long time as and all doctirs want to do is give out a pill. Counselling isn't doing anything either. I'm just so stuck. I do have a funeral to go to tomorrow so maybe why I'm much more emotional.

Been reading up too and after speaking with the lady doing this programme she saud there could be a priblem with my hubbys sperm. All my embryos die at day 3 during ivf and ivf clinic not once have mentioned this could be a problem.

My life is so empty and I judy need prople to understand how heart broken Iam.

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Hey Soapsuds, I hear ya honey. I came on here today as well as I am feeling the same way, I'm tired. I'm tired of being tired and fed up. This is all really tough and I'm sending you a big hug. My embryos don't do well past day 3 either, I have PCOS which may explain the egg quality, but we also had tests on the husbands sperm which showed DNA fragmentation issues and other deficiencies. No one bothered to suggest this to us until we had had 4 cycles of ICSI. We are now on the waiting list for egg donation - fingers crossed. Stay strong xxx

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Thanks hun 😘 Back to you too! 💪

It's the dna fragmentation tests that have been suggested to us. 4 rounds of full ivf later and this is only now being said to us. To be fair icsi was suggested in the last follow up but we've not been back as things were not suggested to us yet in the letter there was other things there and when I emailed (as told) they said I needed to book an appointment for £250 an hour to discuss! We shoukdhave discussed tjis in the follow up which makes me believe it's just a money making process.

I've no idea if I've pcos as gp says yes but gyno says nothing from the same results! The lady doing the programmes says its so hard to diagnose etc. But I've lost faith in people I need to be able to trust, like doctors.

I try my hardest to remain positive in believing this could happen but every time I do I just get slapped round the face with something else. It's so hard. xx


Have you tried a different clinic at all?xxx


Hi Soapsuds86. Obviously so sad to read about you feeling so "rubbish" at the moment, and I do hope you feel a little brighter after the funeral is over with. Not much help I know, but I do have a couple of lists of questions I could email you in confidence if you would like them. Too long to add here, but if you want them, you can reach me at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org Thinking of you. Diane


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